The Hijacking Of Flight 601

The Hijacking Of Flight 601
The Hijacking Of Flight 601

The Hijacking of Flight 601 is a Colombian original inspired by true events that occurred in 1973 when two Paraguayan soccer players masquerading as guerrilla fighters skyjacked a plane and held its passengers and crew hostage at gunpoint for over sixty hours.

It became one of the longest and most bizarre events in Latin American history. The demands made by the sky pirates were $200,000 in ransom money and freedom for prisoners of war detained by the Colombian government. During this crisis, flight 601 had one terrified rookie stewardess who fainted; to avoid alarming the hijackers, the captain took a daring step and asked for new flight attendants.

But Edilma and her friend Barbara, were permitted to enter. Pirategue, an airline manager tries to negotiate with the air pirates but his company president does not approve. It becomes awkward when the state President issues a no tolerance order which forbids anyone from talking or negotiating with air pirates as they would be taken as undesirable partners.

The playwriting style used is simple without any suspenseful scripts put into it so as to make it complicated unlike other aspects. Additionally, it introduces subplots throughout the series which are sufficient enough to explain each characters motivation in this series better for viewers comprehension. Nevertheless simple narrative gives way to complex subplots concerning them thus giving more depth and personality hence making them appear more engaging on screen.

Their motivations resonated with many viewers who even began rooting for them. This caused tension within Flight 601 because scriptwriters also gave backstory to each character adding different dynamics such as various memories about ‘home’, ‘family’ or ‘career’. As a result, there was anxiety all through each episode where people watched holding their breaths whether or not they will get out alive.

Additionally, class issues came out clearly in this film script addressing social-economic division themes. The conversations go deep into class divide discussing how poor people fall into the category of those who wake up each morning to work for nothing. However, despite their efforts, these poorest people in Latin America remained hungry all the time and as used as a symbol of hunger.

Edilma Perez’s character in the series is captivating because it encapsulates multiple layers that speak to working mothers of the 1970s. She knows what dangers she faces every day on Flight 601 but she has no choice but to keep fighting on for her children. Edie’s performance is enthralling as she portrays all her fears, pain, regrets and determination effortlessly.

While Barbara, Edilma’s younger single best friend had an adventurous spirit; she was also brave and loyal unto death. Pirateque is another intriguing enigmatic character produced by scriptwriting. He begins selfish and unlikeable but his boldness and honesty turn him into caring person.He has the most well-written character development out of everyone else in this show series; besides he happens to be one smart cookie within it.

And so, the highjackers’ performances are captivating. It is incredible how two people were able to terrorize such a large number of individuals in a plane for so long. Their performances were solid and believable enough for them to successfully install fear into the crew and passengers. The background stories show that they have been neglected, oppressed and manipulated all their lives and just had one chance for a better life for themselves and their families.

In summary, this book is an unexpected addition to true crime shows you can binge on Netflix. The movie guarantees the best photography, costumes, soundtracks and acting that are well combined together offering an enthralling experience watching it.

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