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The hopeful, a new film, starts with widower John Nevin Andrews on a boat to Switzerland with his two children, Charles and Mary. So that they sleep well, he narrates tales of the pioneers who began the Adventist Movement. 

Who were the Adventist Pioneers?

After 1844’s great disappointment (more on that later), The Adventist Pioneers were those members of Millerites who united together in order to propagate the word of God and promote the Adventist Church.

However, many people think of these pioneering figures as stoic individuals with serious looks on their faces and long beards but some among them were teenagers at that time when they embarked on this mission. 

Among them was John Nevin Andrews , one such missionary for whom Hopeful is based upon, he was a prominent leader as well as evangelist within the Seventh-day Adventists denomination. 

This movie will portray other pioneers who got the spiritual strength needed transforming tiny beginning of Ellen Harmon to becoming today global Christian denominations, which are represented by Adventism worldwide as shown in The Hopeful. 

Ellen Harmon was one such key character in this film whose life changed after listening to William Miller’s sermon a Baptist minister preaching about the soon return of Jesus Christ. However, it stopped merging because its Lord and Saviour failed to come back then.

Ellen alongside other adventists pioneers like John carried on from where Millerite had left by spreading Second Coming message about Jesus Christ.

What Was The Great Disappointment?

In the movie it shows how October 22nd 1844 was believed by Millerites that Jesus would return back . The group also included Joseph Bates who was a revivalist preacher among others (William Miller).

Therefore if he didn’t show up at all, their hope turned into sadness, which we now call “the Great Disappointment.”On account of this disappointment, lots of people out of the Millerite group became disillusioned and left it. 

Although discouraged by this setback William Miller continued to prophesy that one day Jesus would come back. It is from among such believers that some of the Adventist Pioneers emerged as they looked forward to his Second Coming and eventually their work contributed to the development and expansion of Seventh-day Adventists. Even today, there still exists an Adventism movement which is part of a worldwide Christian denomination with millions of church members spread in different parts of the world.

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