Presence Review

An inside-out approach is taken by Steven Soderbergh with Presence, to the haunted house movie. This low-budget story of a family who believes they are sharing their new home with something, or somebody- a ghostly presence that exists in the shape of a camera — could have been overwhelmed by this kind of movie, if …

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Love Me Review

Love Me is a post-humanity romance involving a satellite orbiting a ravaged Earth and an artificially intelligent buoy in the frozen waters near the remains of New York City, Where first comparison that comes to mind is Pixar’s WALL-E. This sameness extends to the design elements as well, from the buoy’s rusty yellow shell and …

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Freaky Tales Review

Freaky Tales is a middle finger to white-power turds disguised as a nostalgic tribute to Oakland, California in 1987, created by two of the captains behind Captain Marvel and Sundance. Freaky Tales is sometimes riotously fun and, frankly, much better for being so direct about its aims. Nevertheless, despite this film’s balance of both sides, …

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