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The Big Door Prize is the latest comedy drama on AppleTV which could easily be considered as a mystery drama rather than a comedy. But again, it brings together an ensemble cast of characters around an intriguing story. So after watching season 2 you might be wondering whether it has been renewed or cancelled. Here’s what we know:

What is The Big Door Prize about?

The Big Door Prize revolves around a strange machine called MORPHO that shows up in a small town called Deerfield and gives each resident a card with their life potential on it. But they have to interpret what that means for themselves. In the second season, this “game” is extended with video game animations and further asks what does it mean to be human and what is one’s true potential.

Has The Big Door Prize been renewed for season 3?

At the time of writing this article, The Big Door Prize has not been renewed for a third season yet.

Typically Apple would look at various metrics before renewing a show. Such as how many people are watching initially and then looking at the drop-off rate etc. Some shows can get cancelled or renewed very quickly while other times it can take months before there’s any indication about what will happen next with regards to its future.

So far critical reactions and audience receptions seem pretty lukewarm all round – some love the drama but feel like it drags on too long considering there isn’t much in terms of payoff. Others think differently though!

Given these factors we’re going to predict right now that this will indeed get picked up for another installment. However demystifying things even more so unfortunately won’t bring us any closer towards knowing whether or not our predictions come true! This show does have quite some untapped potential left within itself especially when taking into account apple’s track record so far regarding renewals; also shooting locations being relatively easy may work towards prolonging seasons further still, although s2’s ending might suggest otherwise.

We will update this section with more accurate details over the coming weeks and months when they become available!

What we know about season 3 so far:

Not much at all really. Apple haven’t officially renewed The Big Door Prize for a third season yet but if it is renewed. Then hopefully there will be ten new episodes each featuring a different character and their interpretation of the Morpho machine.

At the time of writing this article, the show is still ongoing however we do find out some answers about where the machine came from and other stuff like that. But then again it also raises even more questions. Which fans are going to want answers to sooner rather than later. We won’t spoil it here but let’s just say our ending explained goes deeper into these points!

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