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A Journey is a devastating narrative about three childhood buddies and their warmhearted experiences in the course of one’s cancer relapse. Shane, Bryan and Tupe are childhood buddies; they grew up together but separated when Tupe left to become an actor in the city and got back together later on as adults. Moreover, when she visits her doctor after going out with her husband and friend for her birthday, she learns that she has a tumor in her liver from a cancer relapse.

Still, Shane does not want to put her husband through such financial and emotional constraints since she believes there is only little hope for her survival. Instead, what Shane wants is to achieve a number of things before dying by making sure all her dreams are realized as soon as possible. Therefore, Bryan and Tupe decide to take Shane to Tasmania in Australia so as to help him fulfill this wish. However, both Tupe and Brian hope to convince Shane via the journey.

Love and friendship have been explored through A Journey. The theme of terminally ill patient choosing life before death is familiar but the movie’s excellent writing makes it more distinct.

These dialogues are light-hearted yet thought provoking involving a serious life about what should matter most (such as if it is the journey or destination or people) shown when they discuss their roles within this story. In addition, the trip takes them along winding lanes around Tasmania’s scenic roadsides which run through its lakes & streams where penguins make their homes at nights while grass edges are seen alongside them. Besides its terrible premise however, happy go lucky tone prevails throughout first half with gloominess taking over at some point in second part thereby turning into tearful tragedy thereafter.

Shane, Bryan and Tupe’s chemistry leaves an indelible mark on viewers’ minds making this film an emotional whirlwind that will pull at your heartstrings. Secondly, this film is also some sort of reunion between the three and a subtle homage to Tabing Illog, the teen drama series that used to be aired from 1999 through to 2002. Finally, there are moments in this movie that classic drama enthusiasts will appreciate such as the river, music and cameo which makes it magical towards its end. Thus, familiarity allows for excellent performances throughout the trip emphasizing on the bond that’s there amongst them hence making them more emotionally affecting.

Shane presents a believable character who urges us not to wait until it’s too late to do what we truly desire. With this diagnosis weighing her down with fear, despair and sadness; she is effervescently full of life and positivity. On the other hand, Bryan is the kind of husband one longs for when such life threatening situations occur.

He loves unconditionally, supports without giving up on his wife in return. Moreover unlike most movies with rich friends shown as selfish or unsympathetic wealthy individuals within their circles; he is selfless by always offering himself as an ear for their sob stories and helping out during difficult times financially.

A Journey is an atypical if not exactly unique film which avoids being typical by showing terminally ill patients’ hopefulness in its early stages compared with latter portions where unpreventable sadness takes over.

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