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Tigers on the Rise
Tigers on the Rise
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Can tigers and humans live in peace?

Would you like a man-eater in your backyard? Many of us would run for our lives if we ever saw a tiger dawdling close, although this is not the brightest idea because it will consider us as its meal.

But most of us never have to think about this if we are the people of Bhopal, who share their city with an increasing population of tigers, they need to learn how they can coexist with their nosy carnivorous neighbors. 

Tigers on the Rise is a companion piece to Tiger -both available to stream on Disney+ – which offers an eye-opening look at life in India and what some communities are doing to adapt their way of living so that both they and the growing tiger population have a safer place.

Cities are becoming home to tigers due to their increasing number. Having outgrown space within their jungle sanctuaries, they abandon forests for villages, towns, cities or anywhere new.

For farmers whose livestock become easy meals for hungry tigers, this poses challenges. However, Dr. Bilal Habib comes up with one solution among others being considered by top national experts on tiger conservation such as himself: painting eyes at the back end of cows, something these bulky animals clearly dislike but at least saves them from becoming killed by those big cats which think that they are staring behind them all time long. 

Bilal’s concerns do not stop with farmyard creatures alone; he also looks out for his charges, some of whom cover thousands of kilometers just trying to get into town before having to go back again due to arrival next busy highway encountered along the route taken through forested areas inhabited by saltwater crocs while brown bears lurk around corners once such entry points are left behind too far behind…only highways remain whereupon cars come roaring down lanes side-by-side without respect or regard is shown towards any other life form whatsoever- unless said form happens be on menu for that day’s driver.

So what does Bilal propose as a remedy? He suggests raising elevated sections of road so that underpasses can be created for safe tiger crossings – an amazing idea indeed but one fraught with danger for those who live or work in the city below. As the documentary shows, people have been killed when working late at night in nearby forests where tigers mistook them their prey. 

Despite being dangerous Indian authorities are spending billions dollars trying create conditions allowing free movement across countrywide territories by these big cats; this decision carries huge financial implications yet it must because otherwise extinction looms large over tiger population numbers which will not also mean human life left out entirely since teams visit schools teaching children about safe behavior around wild animals thus knowledge acquired at such early ages gets relayed back through kids’ parents later on too… 

Can you live with a tiger? Yes, if one works towards ensuring safety for everyone. This film highlights such efforts and celebrates individuals’ commitment to protecting both people and animals from harm caused by their interaction with each other.

Apart from this job, we spent time with two Indian filmmakers Pooja Rathod and Kalyan Varma, who were among the camera people involved in making the documentary Tiger, which tracked a tigress and her four cubs. We observe them working as they record these tigers, thus Tigers on the Rise becomes a must-watch for anyone interested in finding out how Tiger was shot.

In India many tigers do not survive because they are in conflict with humans. But those who are dedicated to their conservation may enable them to thrive and live long enough thus ensuring that tiger parents have happier futures with their young ones. Also, the efforts being made towards enlightening local communities will secure better lives for them as well.

Therefore Tigers on the Rise is an uplifting exploration of efforts being made to safeguard both species, it can also serve as a recommendation for those wondering about how tigers could coexist with people. Additionally, nature enthusiasts should be advised to watch this film too since like its predecessor Tiger did before, here again Pooja, Kalyan together with other brave cameramen bring us some amazing views of nature through their shots during filming this documentary.

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