Orlando Bloom: To The Edge (2024) Season 1

Orlando Bloom: To The Edge
Orlando Bloom: To The Edge
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Typically, adventure sports associate themselves with adrenaline rush and extreme undertakings on land, water or air. They are known to be very dangerous and in his new Peacock documentary series Orlando Bloom is shown participating in three of them.

During the show Orlando does one sport for each of the categories mentioned above until he gets perfect at it. The program follows him as he attempts skydiving, deep-sea diving, and rock climbing over and over again until he becomes good enough.

There’s something about this programme that makes you think that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Also, Katy Perry is featured virtually or in person every episode where she cheers him on. What I find interesting is that they never showed a sneak peak of her appearance in any promo videos for the docuseries so all eyes were on Orly as they should have been!

Orlando Bloom: To The Edge shows another side of Orlando — not just the celebrity we see him as but also a regular guy doing extraordinary things with his life. It’s shot well and really highlights what goes into getting good at something; we watch this man fail, try again, fail again … but still jump out of a plane one more time!

This show will make you want to get up off your couch and take risks! It’s very much like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (You Only Live Once), an Indian movie where three friends go on different adventures throughout Spain that change their lives forever. Except Orlando Bloom: To The Edge is kind of like the more expensive version of that film.

In other words, Orlando tries to inspire viewers to take chances whether it be through trying out new extreme sports or just living life more dangerously overall. While some parts can get a little slow-moving for my taste, whenever he actually does any of those three adventure sports I am immediately back engaged. This is definitely something thrilling and exciting to watch over the weekend that’ll make you want to take risks!

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