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It is quite difficult to pass through the adolescence stage a smooth way because of the troubles involved in passing through high school and the different dilemmas that seem extremely crucial when we are young, but which later on turn out to be totally insignificant. we are exploring suncoast movie here.

On prom night, Doris has a choice to make. What distinguishes her situation from that of her friends who mostly concentrate on what they will wear or whether one of them should dump some guy just because he is not trustworthy?

Doris’ predicament is much more intricate and can change her life forever. Should she go for prom, an occasion considered as one of the most important nights for one of her friends? Or should she stay by her brother’s side all night long who might die within a few hours?

What could be simpler than this? However, Doris doesn’t know what she’s supposed to do in this moral complex drama. She loves her brother but after being exhausted from taking care of him during my younger years I want to live life like other “normal” teenagers in my age group who have had lives without any stresses or pain like mine but rather enjoy their freedom unlike me privileged friends. Therefore its obvious prom night is important for Doris!

But then again how can you experience your youthfulness on the night your brother is dying? In Suncoast closing stretch, let us take a look at what decision Doris ultimately makes.

Did Doris have a happy childhood?

Some parts of Doris’ childhood were fairly happy upon reviewing old home videos towards the end part of the film. They played together with Max and spent quite some time in the company of their mother Kristine.

But during those early years when she was still small family miseries were never far away as Doris lost her father at an early age and Max became terminally ill suffering from brain cancer.

During her teenage years, Doris had to remain at home taking care of Max when Kristine was out working to provide for her family. This made it difficult for her to make friends and enjoy other aspects of a teenager’s life.

Does Doris’s life improve?

Max is transferred to Suncoast Hospital for palliative care as his condition deteriorated. This particularly hard on Kristine since she knows that very soon her son will not be around anymore. On the other side, however, Max’s hospitalization may be seen by Doris as an opportunity to relax a little bit because she will not have to bear the burden of caring for him.

When Kristine spends nights away from home with Max in the hospital, Doris can spend time socializing with her friends. Therefore, she can have parties and sleepovers at her house while there are no mom or Max in order just like any other normal kid during this time period so essentially things do get better although I’m just trying to keep my freedom intact despite all these tragedies.

Who asks Doris to prom?

During the time when max is inside a clinic, one of the boys named Nate who falls in love with this girl along the course of this movie as well as some girls from his class became some new buddies of hers. He asks Doris to go with him and since he too likes Nate, it is obvious that she says yes.”

Doris does not exclusively make these friends. At the hospital, she meets an anti-abortion activist called Paul Warren who is protesting outside it in support of a woman named Terri Schiavo whose life is nearing its end. However, let’s leave this true story and if you want to know more about it visit Terri’s story page.

Paul acts as a father figure for Doris, sometimes being even more supportive than Kristine who neglects her daughter’s emotions at times.

Did Doris go to prom?

When Doris was getting ready for the prom night, her mom phoned informing her that her brother had worsened.The physicians predicted that Max could die soon due to jaundiced fingers and labored breath.Most people would like to be by their relatives’ bedsides when times are tough; however, Doris has difficulty with making decisions on what she should do.

On the other hand, part of her just wants to attend prom instead of visiting Max in hospital because after all it is something normal for a teenager. She must have thought about how Kristine had previously lied about Max dying shortly before the event. 

So what does Doris do? But she goes anyway. This decision burdens Doris afterwards.

Did Doris see Max before he died?

During prom one of her friends makes a brief speech about being together which caused her to think again about whom she should indeed spend time with – Kristine and Max! She leaves the prom party immediately and gets into a limousine asking the driver to take him to where Max has been admitted.

Unfortunately, it is already late when Doris arrives at the hospital. As they enter his room and find out that he is dead already before them, grief overwhelms Doris but Kristine pays attention to what her daughter needs at last. 

She spends some time with Paul too as they are both in the same hospital. His Christian faith comforts her and his belief that the dead go to a better place. Doris finds it easier to accept Max’s death because of this, and she feels less guilty about having missed him as he passed away.

Doris Chinn based her story on Suncoast director, Laura Chinn’s experiences.

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