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Let Jennifer Lopez Stick to Genre Movies When Netflix’s Atlas is Coming Up, It Suits Her Last week, the internet saw the release of a trailer for Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Atlas. This movie stars Jennifer Lopez playing a data analyst who does not trust artificial intelligence and whose mission to capture a fugitive robot doesn’t go well. From this preview we do not know much about it but its visual effects look quite fascinating and for just one minute and forty-eight seconds that she can be seen in the teaser, it seems like Jennifer Lopez is really into it.

JLo has had an eclectic show business career. She is an artist with various business interests tied to her name and has featured as the female protagonist in many movies focusing mainly on romantic comedies or dramas. Therefore, haven’t you ever wondered why she thrives so well in genre movies?

In Selena, a biopic from mid 1990s about Tejano music legend Selena Quintanilla-Perez, was when JLO became a star. There came other roles after that. But once in a while, however; Lopez would take up scary or science fiction films that were often overlooked.

A lot of people make fun of Anaconda from 1997; still everyone loves watching this film where Jon Voight plays against Ice Cube and JLo battling against a giant Anaconda in Amazon jungle. It is amongst the best animal attack horror flicks ever made and also served as one of the major engines behind late 90’s similar-looking films with sub-genre themes.

Anaconda might not be something JLo talks much about throughout her career but there are lots of fans out there who love it. This is one fine example among others as to why she should continue doing different sorts of obscure abstract style films in varying genres.

Someone said abstract? A lot of Jlo followers tend to dismiss The Cell from 2000 yet this is a genre film that has been enshrined in the hearts of admirers of dark bizarre films. In the movie, Lopez portrays an FBI agent who employs metaphysical science to get into the mind of a killer and find out where his most recent kidnap victim could be.

By all means, The Cell has visuals that are way too complex for any average movie fan to undergo appreciation, but if you are one of those dedicated enough to watch every single film featuring JLO, then it’s still worth watching. Regrettably, throughout 2000s there were JLo opportunities that took her away from horror or sci-fi while she was being cast as a lead actress in such films as Angel Eyes and Enough.

These thrillers were box office duds. As at this particular time Lopez’s music career went higher and higher. It wasn’t until two years ago when she starred in Blumhouse production called The Boy Next Door. A trashy erotic thriller where a woman screws up with a young man just to discover he is an eighteen-year-old lunatic. It’s like Lifetime movies have turned on their maximum volume.

Netflix now has Atlas, a big-budget-looking sci-fi feature with JLo in the lead; all that being said. Some internet banterers think it is an annoyance to see her in a movie like this. However, Lopez, in the few genre films she’s acted in, has done quite well, held her own, and played her role like she respected the material she was working with.

But really, we know very little about Atlas without feeling it as a direct-to-streaming blockbuster – which sounds like a misfire but may be hit. This could be a new chapter for Lopez doing sci-fi and maybe even blending it back into horror down the road.

We’ve seen many multi-talented actors and actresses over the years take swings in their second act in something different. The idea of Jennifer Lopez doing these kinds of films rather than rom-coms has always been there; it suits her, and it’s time to explore it more.

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