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The plot of Keir O’Donnell’s debut feature film, ‘Marmalade,’ revolves around a young man named Baron, who ends up in prison after being a partner in crime with Marmalade, a free spirit. 

Baron tells Otis, his cellmate about his past life as a criminal. This takes us through several flashbacks that further enlighten us on Barron’s background and how he relates with Marmalade.

But everything is not what it seems to be. Even though Baron might seem like an unwilling participant in all the crimes committed; this is far from the real truth. After twists and turns he escapes from custody. Does this mean that the movie ends with him out of jail? Who is Baron?

Who is Baron?

On the face of it, Baron would seem to be the last person who could harm a fly. He works for the postal service, looks out for others and plays himself as his mother’s loving son whose parent is dying.

Baron wants money to buy medicine for his sickly mum. He needs something fast after losing his job. Then comes into play Marmalade, a young woman whom he has fallen in love with over time; she offers him something very interesting as her solution.

Who Is Marmalade?

We don’t really learn much about Marmalade – but there is obviously some good reason behind it – yet from what we pick up during first half of the film she could handle firearms professionally, even though they were not supposed to fall into her hands at all since she was raped by her foster father where she had stayed most of her life.

Marmalade isn’t who she says she is later on. And neither does Baron turn out to be exactly who he represents himself as an individual either way! However prior to having our rug pulled out under us we will watch him commit crimes because of Marmalade. He agrees to rob stores with Marmalade as he needs money for his mum’s pills; though he is not as comfortable doing so as she is or so we’re led to think!

Who Is Otis?

Otis looks like a tough inmate of the jailhouse. And even claims that he knows many ways out of prison. If Baron is interested in getting out of prison, then possibly Otis is the one who could facilitate this escape. In exchange for an escape plan, he offers Otis $25,000 which are hidden by Marmalade.

However all that glitters isn’t gold here. Actually, Otis has never been a jailbird at least in the story line’s perspective; whereas in reality he happens to be an FBI operative who actually arranges for Baron’s arrest because there are several things that could only be obtained if he was incarcerated. For quite long Otis has been after Marmalade and he believes that Baron knows her locations.

Does Baron Manage To Break Out Of Prison?

Some other FBI agents have partnered with Duvall: they come up with a plan where they make Barron believe that he has escaped from captivity.

By means of another agent, who helps him disguise as a laundry worker within the prison facility, the character manages to pass Barron through laundry cart and take him towards exit area.

At some point after this episode when an officer working at the gate unknowingly questions him about his identity (who thinks that he is just another prisoner), Otis loses sight of him completely wide apart from each other since it had been agreed before that they would ‘escape together’ thereby leading them to Maramaldes whereabouts

However, the prison officer thwarted that intention and Baron, thus escaping in a car that was nearby while Otis had to follow him behind in another vehicle.

Does Otis find Marmalade?

Well, here is the thing! As it turns out, there is no such person as Marmalade. Therefore, Baron lied to Otis about her nature in his story. In fact, Baron is the criminal of all crimes he committed; so he isn’t quite as innocent as we thought.

Baron takes Otis on a wild goose chase with visits to his mother’s grave first then an ice-cream parlour where he used to hang out with Marmalade – or at least this is what Baron told him.

After leaving the parlor, Otis mistakenly believes he has caught up with him. However, when he brings the getaway car to a stop, one of these thoughts becomes apparent: either its driver is one of the parlour employees and Baron switched places with him or his idea was correct.

When Otis returns to Baron’s mother’s grave though, he discovers she’s not buried there at all. Also left on top of it by Baron for mockery was a jar of marmalade.

Does Otis catch Baron?

In this scene which takes us back into past events we see Baron staring at a cut-out newspaper article regarding his bank robberies which shows Otis’ picture thereby revealing that actually knew all along that his friend worked for the FBI.

So why did be let himself get involved with Otis? The plotting isn’t very clear but somehow he planned being arrested and subsequently leading agent turns out to be wrongfully imprisoned but only after his subsequent arrest would lead otis to baron pharmaceuticals who manufacture medicine for his mom.

The CEO of the drug company turns out to be abusive foster father who marmalade referred earlier though in truth actually used to belong to baron. Otis recognizes him from Baron’s description and has him arrested.

As you might have guessed by now, it is a strange coincidence that a drug company and Baron share the same name.. But as we learn later in the story, this is not his real name thus we do not know what his true name could be.

Baron’s mother’s name, which he claimed was Eda Lamram is not her real name either; if you look at her ‘name’ again, you’ll realize it’s marmalade spelt backwards.

Otis does not catch Baron. Instead, during pursuit of the younger criminal he comes across someone at a travel agency. This person presents him with a bus ticket to Jamaica left for Otis by Baron. This ticket is significant because Otis’ mother lives there so this offers him an opportunity to see her on the trip.

At the end of the film, Baron appears with his mother (who isn’t dead after all) in some nursing home. It would seem that perhaps he managed to pay for her stay here with money that he had stolen; we also see him take medicine to other patients too.

Therefore, we can say that Otis stopped looking for Baron and went to Jamaica instead. So far as we know, therefore, Baron continued remaining free!

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