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In 2257, the Earth is an unsafe place to live. People have relocated to a mining colony on the Moon and others are now living in a utopian planet known as Omega.

Caleb Channing is introduced as we meet him, a teenage boy who lives there and whose father recently died in a mine disaster. The death benefit terms of his father’s contract that stipulate that if he has no other guardian then he must be sent to Omega are explained to Caleb by one of the heads of the mining colony who tells him that he has three days left before he is flown out of his home.

Although it may seem like moving from one planet to another would be paradise for almost everybody, Caleb does not want to leave his friends behind. The situation makes him very sad because he will never talk with them again. He will not speak to them again because the journey takes seventy-five years during which time Caleb will be frozen and kept in a cryogenic state. He will then arrive at the same age as when he departed from earth many years ago. Also, they would have had an entire lifetime without him!

However, these last few days aren’t going to be sad ones for Caleb. Prior to his father’s death though, Caleb came across information about a mysterious crater that was visited by his late mom so together with his friends they decide to embark on this last expedition.

Will this really be their last meeting? We should scrutinize this film further.

Who are Caleb’s buddies?

Dylan, Borney and Marcus are some of them and they all grew up in the colony from birth. When it became apparent that there were meteors coming towards earth; hence all inhabitants were grounded inside due to lockdown protocols enforced by authorities in preparation for such an eventuality (which usually didn’t happen often), those four decided they wanted their own adventure even if it meant sneaking out through barricades.

They need the access codes to get to the buggy in the garage. The only other person who knows it and is with them is Addison, a young girl whose father is a scientist and has recently moved to Moon. They don’t particularly like her while she doesn’t think highly of them either. Nevertheless, when Dylan tries to steal the codes from her but fails, she agrees to help him anyway as long as he takes her along.

They eventually agree to let Addison come – what choice did they have? And then they began their journey towards the crater.

Do kids make it there?

After hotwiring the Rover, we set off on our adventure.

The boys decide however that before reaching the crater they would have a little fun on the surface of the moon. As soon as they put on their space suits, they tether themselves with ropes onto an all-terrain buggy and using oxygen tanks as jetpacks; catapulting themselves into space.

Addison warns Borney about losing the cable that is attached to the device which he and his friends are using in trying to ‘launch-off’. This expectedly gets proven right, as soon as his rope also comes off. The other boys somehow manage to catch him before he floats off into space but lose a few oxygen tanks in the process.

Now they don’t have enough oxygen to survive through their trip to the crater, so Caleb suggests refilling their supplies from an old outpost nearby. When they reach this place, they discover it was actually a show house used by developers keen on attracting wealthy and famous residents to settle in the colony.

They restock their provisions and sleep there overnight. They resume their journey to the crater the next day but during the journey, their vehicle breaks down. Addison sends out a distress signal but instead of waiting for help which might take many days, they decide to continue on foot.

It takes them one mile or so of walking before they finally make it into the rim of the crater.

What is inside?

In fact what happens next in this room is not different from that which happened earlier. A tree as big as a house grows straight through its ceiling. But this isn’t what Caleb had been expecting; his dad’s special place wasn’t like this at all.

However, there’s something else about this space than could be seen right away at first sight. It’s shown by a notice beside it: On gilded wings we have reached for stars – let us never forget the skies we left behind.’’

A little later however, Dylan accidentally reveals a hidden button that makes everything change into a holographically generated copy of Earth’s forests within seconds. The boys’ first sight of Earth literally blows them away because all they see are trees everywhere with water flowing through them and blue sky over them.

The bunker has other features that make it remarkable though not just from outside but also inside it. The instructions left for him by his dad enable Caleb to find a section of the floor that opens up to reveal a box containing some of his mother’s ashes and a family picture beneath it. Inside goes his father’s ashes and then he takes the photo.

After these ‘special’ finds, they run back to the buggy so as to find shelter while waiting for help.

Are they able to return to the buggy?

Marcus falls down at the crater because his blood pressure is low due to his ill heart condition. They race towards their pills but unfortunately Dylan’s suit gets torn when a piece of meteorite hits him. Attaining this goal becomes difficult after getting stuck in between two meteors. Although all survive, Dylan nearly dies from being hit by a meteor fragment that rips through his suit.

They are able to give Marcus medicine, however, they soon realize that their lives are still in real danger. Their oxygen levels drop because they don’t think anyone will come during the rain of meteors.

They sat waiting and started to pass out. They had time for Dylan and Caleb to have a heart-to-heart conversation about their friendship and the future; but after some short period of waiting they dozed off too.

Children can be retrieved from Moon due to the arrival of rescue team. However, when he awakens, Caleb discovers that his companions are no longer at his side anymore.

Does Caleb bid goodbye to his friends?

All of them were saved. And so it happened that upon return to the camp Caleb was taken away immediately transferred to Omega. He is in pieces at having not been able to say goodbye to his closest friends; moreover, he is even more broken when he realizes that during his journey to this planet earth he had been cryogenically frozen for 75 years now.

Dylan isn’t allowed contact with any of his friends but Dylan can talk with him though a transmitter given access annually. Once in a year Dylan was permitted through a transmitter that lets him leave messages for his friend.

We find out that Addison led a revolution on behalf of miners’ rights and married Dylan in these messages. It is then revealed by Borney as being her right-hand man assisting her fight for justice while Marcus established an independent baseball league as we later discovered. We also get informed that Dylan and Addison had children who became parents and grandparents.

One of the last messages, Dylan tells Caleb they never have to say goodbye because all their sagas would always remain with people who come next. In addition, he advises Caleb to take control over himself so as not restrict one’s experiences alone on Earth.

It can be assumed that Caleb’s friends are now dead which is very sad indeed. But he isn’t lonely there on Omega either. While going towards the lake, she meets Addison’s brother whom they had last seen while leaving together with their mother for another planet . This child knows about all adventures of Caleb and asks if they were true at all. That makes Dylan’s statement more serious – their experiences will be kept alive through stories.

At the end of the film, we find that there are a lot of adventures ahead for Caleb because he goes on an exploration journey with Addison’s brother.

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