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Avoidance Season 3
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Whether Jonathan (Romesh Ranganathan) and Claire (Jessica Knappett) will get back together in Avoidance Season 2 is still up in the air. He is still in love with Claire but as she has a hunky new boyfriend named Brett (Matthew Lewis), the chances of them getting back into a relationship are slim.

After watching every episode from season 2, you would be looking forward to season three. But is there going to be an Avoidance Season 3? This is the current status:

What’s Avoidance about?

Avoidance revolves around Jonathan and Claire as they navigate life without each other. However, there are also other characters whose narrative arcs we follow throughout this comedy series. We also have Spencer (Kieran Logendra), our two protagonists’ son who faces his own set of challenges throughout both seasons of the show. Two other significant people are Danielle (Mandeep Dhillon), Jonathan’s sister, and her wife Courtney (Lisa McGrillis) who, in Season 2, is expecting their first child.

There are some heavy themes in Avoidance involving relationships and co-parenting but it’s not a tear-jerking family drama. It is an amusing show that continuously makes us laugh out loud due to its brilliant cast.

Is There Going To Be A Season 3 OF Avoidance?

As at now, there hasn’t been any official communication from BBC on whether Avoidance will be renewed for a third season or not.

Typically, like streamers or other TV networks, the BBC uses various metrics to determine if it should renew a show; how many people watched it initially then what proportion of those dropped off. Some shows get cancelled or renewed very quickly – think Squid Games or Bridgerton etc., while others can take months before their future becomes clear.

Avoidance has built up quite a following over time though we don’t believe that means there’ll be a 3rd season. This is because of how Season 2 concluded. We’re not going to spoil anything just in case you haven’t seen the finale to season two yet. It does finish off all of the main characters’ individual stories though, so there doesn’t seem like any reason for a Season 3.

This may or may not be true. If a third is revealed, new information will be added on this page.

What Would Avoidance Season 3 Be About?

A hypothetical third season would probably revolve around Jonathan and Claire attempting to co-parent together as well as Danielle and Courtney’s relationship which has recently become strained due to their latest arrival.

Of course, it depends on whether another series gets commissioned. Until confirmed, we can only speculate. What do you think could happen in Season 3? Please leave your suggestions below in the comment section.

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