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This is his latest movie Bricklayer, an action thriller directed by Renny Harlin and starring Aaron Eckhart. Steve Vail (Aaron Eckhart) used to work for the CIA and is an ex-agent but when Victor Radek (Clifton Collins Jr.) who was a spy but turned against them starts killing people, he has to go back. However as he gets closer to catching him, it becomes apparent that there’s someone within the CIA working with him too. Who could it be?

Who is Victor Radek?

Victor Radek joined the CIA after serving as a negotiator between Russian mafia syndicates and Greek organized crime groups in order to have a safe place for himself and his family. After joining them, however, he worked with them secretly as an undercover operative; they assigned him the task of assassinating a Russian mob boss named Popov but once this was done his cover got blown so Russians murdered all those close to him.

Radek blamed Steve Vail whom at that time served as his handler for failing to protect agent’s wife and daughter during supposed agency’s betrayal which led Radek into going on killing spree while O’Malley ordered Vail by agency whom O’Malley believed were behind hit list creation containing names of political figures targeted by them should therefore have been eliminated immediately upon their discovery hence faking death hence going underground 

Why does the CIA hire Steve Vail again?

Years later after Russians business Radek resurfaces from presumed death claiming revenge on US intelligence community through blackmail where he demanded huge sum of Bitcoin not disclose about their kill order list political opponents considering that years ago since believed dead known 

Therefore; As part of plot used journalists become unwitting pawns framing innocent members thus causing scandalous embarrassment hence setting events motion leading deaths high level operatives 

Does Vail catch Radek?

Unfortunately ; While in Greece Sten’s house clues Alekos Melas’ location reached too late save his life but later finds out Kostas being targeted speech about assassination this leads him appearing at greek foreign minister kostas giving arrives should miss photographer moment together apologise killing

However, the mole is Tye, who probably wanted Radek’s money. She was pretending to assist Vail in catching Radek while really slowing him down all along.

She calls her men on Vail when he confronts her. As he tackles them, she exits. But Kate arrives and shoots her dead shortly after.

What is the ending of The Bricklayer?

O’Malley finds it strange that his agents thought he was the mole at first but offers Kate a promotion anyways. She declines as does Vail who chooses to go back to being a bricklayer rather than taking another agency position.

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