10 Films For Which You Will Postpone Everything

10 Films For Which You Will Postpone Everything
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Are you a movie lover? But don’t have time to watch these because of work. But here we have mentioned the films of different genres that will blow your mind with the suspense that have. You surely don’t want to miss these films as a movie lover.


Norway, adventure/ biography/ drama/ history, 2019

A young Norwegian traveler dreams of discovering recently uncharted polar lands. In pursuit of his dream and grandiose accomplishments, the hero sacrifices everything: family ties, friendships, and the love of his life with the best inspirational movies.

Bohemian Rhapsody

UK, USA, biography/ music/ drama/ 2018

The story of the dizzying rise of the iconic rock band Queen and its lead singer therefore Freddie Mercury to the top of musical Olympus also Four Academy Awards and two Golden Globes.

Paddington 2

UK, France, USA, fantasy, comedy, family, 2017

The well-behaved Paddington Bear decides to give his aunt, therefore an antique book for her 100th birthday. But while he is saving them money, the book is stolen. Paddington is charged with the theft…

Midnight Sun

USA, drama/ melodrama 2018

Seventeen-year-old Katie composes songs at night and has to hide during the day because her skin can’t stand the sunlight. She meets Charlie, who fills her life with light instead of sunshine.


USA, sci-fi, action, comedy, adventure, 2016

Wade Wilson is a mercenary. Also as a byproduct of a military program called Weapon X but Wilson has gained incredible strength, agility, and the ability to heal.

Mad Max: The Road of Rage

Australia, USA, South Africa/ sci-fi action film, 2015

Mad Max is a lonely and wordless wanderer so there tormented by his inner demons and in constant search of peace of mind on the road. 10 Oscar nominations.

Tulip Fever

UK, USA, historical melodrama, 2017

A wealthy merchant takes an orphanage from a convent orphanage as his wife in the hope that she will give him an heir. He is enchanted by her beauty and invites an artist into the house to paint beside their double portrait.

Django Libre

USA, adventure western, 2012

Two Academy Awards and two Golden Globes. America, 1858. Dr. Schultz, a bounty hunter there takes on an unusual assistant – a black slave. But Django has his own motives, for without Schultz’s help he cannot save his wife from the clutches of the brutal planter.


Chile, France, Mexico, USA, drama, 2012

In Chile in the late 1980s, a date had been set for a referendum on whether Augusto Pinochet should stay in power. 15 minutes of late-night broadcasting during which time several political parties need to explain to the population why they should vote against him.

Ocean’s 8 Girlfriends

The USA, crime comedy, 2018

Five years, eight months, and 12 days ago. That’s how long Debbie Ocean has been plotting the greatest heist of her life, although she knows exactly what it will take a team of the best in the business, starting with her longtime accomplice, Lou Miller. Together, they assemble a team of unique specialists.

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