Movie Weekend: Movies That Will Save Your Weekend

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Movie Weekend: Movies That Will Save Your Weekend
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Weekends are the only time for the people who are working on the weekdays and don’t have time to binge-watch. For this, we have covered the most loved movies for the weekends and you will not even deny that these movies are amazing for the weekend.

How to Marry a Billionaire

UK, Germany, Austria, romantic comedy, 2010

A former skateboarding champion works at a fashionable ski resort in the Alps. However, An acquaintance with the resort owner’s son forces her to take a chance on snowboarding in Boring Movies.

The Royal Tenenbaums

USA, drama, comedy 2001

The film tells the story of the unusual Tenenbaum family. Although, Even all members of which have unique abilities. Also, Chas has already achieved great success in the financial field at the age of ten with boring movies. Also, Richie is a gifted tennis player. However, Margot became a famous player at the age of ten.

John Wick 3

The USA, action movie, 2019

John Wick is on the run after the murder. However, he is a member of an international assassination guild. Therefore, there is a $14 million price on his head, and an army of the most brutal professional assassins from around the world has opened a bloody hunt for him.

The Thief’s Code

USA, Germany, crime thriller, 2008

Ripley is an elderly robber who repays a debt to a mobster and makes a good living at the same time. To do so, he plots to steal two Fabergé eggs worth at least twenty million each.

City of God

Brazil, France, drama, crime, 2002

The film covers the events that a taken place over thirty years so-called”City of God”. Therefore, A slum in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. However, The main characters of the film are a guy nicknamed “Rocket”, balancing between an honest life and petty crime, and his acquaintance Dadinho, who at the age of eight started his career as a gangster.

Goodbye, Baby, Goodbye

The USA, crime thriller, 2007

A little girl goes missing in a Boston suburb. However, after three days the police failed to find the child and her aunt does not give up hope and asked. Moreover, A pair of young frequent detectives continue the search.

Tonya VS

The UK, US, Qatar, biography, 2017

Tonya Harding went down in U.S. history. Also, as the country’s most famous and incredibly flighty figure skater. Moreover, She regularly proved her skills on the ice, and her scandalous reputation in constant scandals that made her a favorite of the yellow press.


Australia, South Africa, drama, 2008

The film tells the story of the life journey of a university professor of literature. However, After becoming involved with his student. Moreover, he loses his job, his friends, and his position in society. Although, This is an attempt to convey the spiritual experience of a man who loses his past.

The Illusion of Deception 2

France, USA, action/ thriller/ comedy/ crime/ detective/ adventure, 2016

The legendary Four Horsemen are back! This time they have a show to put on at the whim of a billionaire who manages to do the impossible: trap them.

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