The Best Six Movies You Should Never Watch On a Date

The Best Six Movies You Should Never Watch On a Date
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If you are too emotional and a lover so you will definitely don’t watch these movies on a date. But you can surely watch these movies as they all are filled with suspense and romance and definitely a treat to watch.

American Psycho

2000/Drama, Crime/USA, Canada

The protagonist of the film is Patrick Bateman. He works in a large, successful company, receives a solid salary, wears only expensive suits, takes care of his health, and visits the gym. By day, he is an exemplary young man whose life is going uphill. One evening, seeing a homeless man in the alley, he decides to help him, but something in his mind changes in an instant. Patrick kills a tramp. This murder becomes the first in a series of his atrocities.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale

2009/Drama, Family Movie/USA, UK

The touching, but a very tearful story of a dog named Hachiko is based on real events. University professor Parker Wilson finds Hachiko at the train station and temporarily takes him in, but no one comes for the dog. However, months and years go by, and Hachiko grows and becomes more and more attached to his master every day. The dog accompanies the professor to work and then meets him at the train station in the evening. And then, one day, the professor dies.


1997/Drama, Melodrama/USA

The film by James Cameron, based on real events, tells the story of the fate of two lovers, Rose and Jack, who found themselves on that ill-fated night from April 14 to April 15, 1912, aboard the giant cruise liner Titanic. The moment the ship collided with the iceberg, panic set in. 1492 people died and only 712 managed to escape—they were picked up by the steamer “Carpathia” passing by. The ending is known, but there will be no fewer tears while watching it.

American Pie


The cult American comedy of 1999, dedicated to sex, revived the genre of teen comedy films. Its main characters—several losers from high school—agree, by all means, before they finish school, to lose their virginity.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

2005/Comedy, Melodrama/USA

Another movie about sex, which can easily hint that you are not averse to getting laid, is not recommended to watch on a first date. Since The protagonist is 40-year-old virgin Andy Stitzer, who works in a store selling household appliances. Despite the fact that Andy in general has everything—good friends, a quiet job, a collection of toys and comics—he has never had a woman.

The House That Jack Built

2018/Drama, Thriller, Horror/Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France

This Psychological Thriller centers on the story of a young man who, over the course of 12 years, has become a skilled serial killer. So, the action of the picture takes place in the 70s and 80s of the 20th century in the US state of Washington. So, The protagonist is a pretty-looking man who has been honing his skills for years. Since At some point, it becomes sickening to look at the sophisticated methods of torture.

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