Top Movies That Will Make Your Weekend

Top Movies That Will Make Your Weekend
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The Machinist


Do you recognize this man as Christian Bale? Hardly? And no wonder, the actor lost more than 30 kg to play a machinist. Bale’s character is plagued by insomnia. In fact, he has had almost a year without sleep, and it affects his condition. In order to control himself, he tapes yellow reminder stickers everywhere.



Two in one – a biopic and a crime drama. And by the title, you’ve no doubt guessed by now that the film is based on some events from the life of the famous writer Truman Capote. Of course, you’ve heard of his book Breakfast at Tiffany’s and you’ve probably seen the film. This movie is just a masterpiece and If you’re wondering why Philip Seymour Hoffman won an Oscar that year, then see Capote.

Notes on a Scandal


A battle of titans, that’s what this movie is all about – Cate Blanchett versus Judi Dench, youth and naivety versus experience, loneliness, and guile. The viewer sees everything going on through the eyes of teacher Barbara Covett, played by Dench.

Goodbye Baby


This movie is also a thriller in genre: a four-year-old girl goes missing in a troubled neighborhood near Boston, and when the police stop looking, two private investigators take over the case. You wonder whose side you’ll end up on after watching the film’s finale.

Nothing but the Truth


In 2005, American journalist Judith Miller found herself in a case of leaking information. Refusing to reveal her source, she had to spend three months in jail. And a few years later, the film “Nothing But the Truth” starring Kate Beckinsale was based on these events. I wonder what will happen to freedom of speech in the U.S. under the new president.

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