One Of The Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies

One Of The Best Romantic Valentine’s Day Movies
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The Notebook

2004 / Drama, Melodrama / USA

Classics of the genre. Of course, if you need to remember a cute, kind, and tear-jerking film, then it is this picture that comes to mind first. A touching love story read by an elderly man from an old notebook to a woman in a nursing home starring the young and beautiful Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling. A girl crying after an impromptu film show is guaranteed.

This Is Forty

2012 / Comedy / USA

Pitt and Debbie are about to turn forty. They live with their girls thirteen and eight years old and seem to be quite happy. True, a financial crisis is brewing in the family, and a new sexy employee has appeared in Debbie’s shop, whom her husband seems to be looking at. The picture is ideal for those couples who have been together for a long time.

Easy Virtue

2008 / Comedy, Melodrama

Young Englishman John Whitaker falls passionately in love with sexy American Larita. A stormy romance, hot sheets, a quick marriage, and a gentle honeymoon with romantic cocktails on the coast. But, getting married, Larita, even in a nightmare, could not imagine what the future was waiting for her – and even more so, she did not know in whom she would find sincere support and new love.


2001 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation / USA

A funny and always relevant tale that for complete happiness you just need to find the same fat green ogre as yourself.

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