The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch On a First Date

The Absolute Worst Movies to Watch On a First Date
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2013/Comedy, Drama, Crime/UK

In the story, a corrupt police officer is investigating the murder of a Japanese student, but in fact, he has his own undercover interests. It’s an adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel, so it’s no surprise that the cop isn’t averse to drugs. Very imperceptibly, the hero makes the transition from the nauseating type to the image of a man with a crippled fate. A very clever black comedy about an evil loser, replete with episodes that can be perceived ambiguously on a first date.


2009/Drama, Fantasy, Horror/Denmark, Sweden, Italy

Like any other von Trier film, this one will be strange to watch on a first date—the director’s approach to storytelling is too unconventional. A two-year-old boy falls out of a window while his parents are making love. Both are hostages to severe depression. Wanting to save his elderly wife from grief, her husband, a psychotherapist, takes her to a house located in a forest thicket. There, fiction is mixed with reality, and in the lives of the main characters, violence comes to the fore.

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)


Apparently, one movie, released in 2010, was not enough to understand how crazy the hero is—a former surgeon who separated Siamese twins in the past, now stitching the mouths and anuses of his victims to create a human centipede. As a result, two more films in the crazy trilogy directed by Tom Sik were released. It seems to us that this film is on a first date (and we don’t recommend watching it with a girl later either).

Gone Girl

2014/Drama, Crime, Mystery/USA

Nick and Amy’s perfect match turns out not to be so perfect. In the tense psychological thriller, their life together falls apart after their fifth wedding anniversary. Amy suddenly disappears, and Nick is suspected of her murder, although the woman’s body has never been found. So, His emotional detachment becomes the starting point for police suspicions, which are increasingly confirmed. Trying to justify himself, Nick goes live and asks Amy to return. He is sure that his wife started a cruel game in an attempt to punish him for making their marriage a farce.


2014/Comedy, Drama, Horror/USA

Journalist Wallace Brighton went for an interview, but after that, no one saw him-the man simply disappeared. Since The alarm was sounded by Wallace’s friend and his girlfriend; Tusk, who went in search of the missing person. They meet a retired police officer who previously handled cases of missing people. He tells them that, in his opinion. A maniac is operating in the district since there is a clear connection between the disappearances. First, people disappear, and then, after a while, their disfigured bones are found in the thicket. However, Trying to track down a sophisticated killer. The trinity does not even know what secrets they will reveal in the near future.

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