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Zero to Hero Plot Summary

Zero to Hero is a Netflix release of 2024. The leading cast includes Paula Cohen, Mauricio De Barros, Victor DiCastro and Carla Diaz. The film involves a rock musician known as Hero who hates country music. Strangely enough, Hero looks exactly like the biggest country music star then, Sandro Sanderlei. In due course, he ends up replacing him for some months.

Why does Agnaldo hire Hero?

Zero to Hero is a wannabe rock musician who usually divides his time between working in a music shop and performing gigs with his band. His closest pal is Nelson. Agnaldo is an assistant to Sandro who happens to be one of the most famous country musicians in his country. Unfortunately while trying to have liposuction, Sandro gets into trouble by taking too much alcohol on the eve of his operation despite the doctor’s advice.

This leads to complications during the surgery, and Sandro falls into a coma. As such, this puts France’s next concerts by Sandro at risk while Jacques feels that his investment has also been put at stake. Fortunately enough for them they find someone named Hero from where else but look alike countries Brazil or Argentina who is similar with long hair instead of short tattoos instead of scars. Saving both their jobs and Jacque’s money Agnaldo hires Hero to represent Sandro in Brazil for three months.

How does Hero manage to become Sandro?

At first Hero reluctantly accepts after learning that Agnaldo will record an album for him free of charge because he hates country music so much. He changes his style of dressing and grooming so as to resemble Sandro completely including altering his music compositions too. Zero to Hero starts off badly because he has strong distaste towards Sandro and all things country until when it becomes an art form unto itself for him.

Zero to Hero enjoys all the stardom until he meets Lulli on his first day of the Brazil tour. Lulli is furious with him because earlier on Sandro had cheated on her, a matter that brought a great deal of embarrassment to her. However, she notices Hero being polite and grateful, unlike Sandro, and this helps her let go of some of her hard feelings.

By the way, Lulli is the producer for Brazil tour. In no time he becomes popular as Sandro while the tour also seems to be going well too. Because the model who has signed for it cannot arrive at the location, Lulli and Hero even shoot a music video together.

What happens when Jacques offers Hero a new contract?

After shooting music video, heavy rain starts falling making all transport impossible. To reach city Sandro mounts horseback with Lulli on a horse beside him enjoying herself until she falls in love with him. On arrival in town though Lulli finds out that Sandro (Hero) has kissed another woman in an article she comes across concerning him. She believes it is another infidelity act by Sandro (Hero) hence denies talking to him altogether.

A helpless Hero meets up with his crew again. However, the real Sandro wakes up from coma. The news thrills Zero to Hero since he can now breach the non-disclosure contract and declare his love to Lully. Nevertheless Jacques has other intentions in mind. Jacques believes that Hero is more gifted and modest than Sandro, and would be a better cash cow for him. Hence, he makes a new agreement for hero to release 12 records in the next years.

Naturally, compassionate Agnaldo who loves both of them dislikes this agreement as it is dishonest towards Sandro. Agnaldo tries hard to talk Hero out of signing the deal but all in vain as Hero signs it.

Are Lulli and hero friends again?

Subsequently after signing the contract, Agnaldo and his friends sneak out real Sandro from hospital and prepare him for that day’s concert at night. Also, Agnaldo phones a top gossip journalist along with Lulli including her parents. When the show begins, Hero welcomes his fans on stage before starting to sing songs for them. Yet after one song he informs the audience that there is something he wants to say.

Hero confesses everything to his fans and invites Sandro onto stage as evidence of it. The crowd goes berserk upon seeing them both together on stage To confess his love for lulli hero rushes right back home just immediately after exposing himself by telling everyone about their relationship. And they embrace each other at last while speaking of their undying feelings toward each other.This means that now we know Jacques agreed to have twelve albums signed by Sandro.

Lully has made up with her dad and stepmom so she is with hero now. Agnaldo too feels happy thinking that he made a good move. Everything works out well here just like any cliché romantic comedy film. Even when not considering zacques because he hates what hero did to him he is also stuck with the real sandro in this film. The movie ends as hero and lulli leave fo a farm.

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