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Plot Summary 

Musica Rudya semi-autobiographical story about a student in college who goes through the process of living with a condition called Synaesthesia, school, love and family.

The movie starts with Rudy being dumped by his girlfriend of four years because they don’t want the same things. While Haley is interested in discussing their future after completing school, Rudy on the other hand loves playing music and conducting puppets. His mother wants him to marry a Brazilian girl while he has an opportunity to meet Isabela that complicates everything further. But just when things are starting to get better with Isabella, Haley comes back for Rudy leaving him undecided and without any possibility of making a choice.

What is wrong with Rudy?

For as long as he can remember, his mind has consistently transformed routine sounds into rhythmic beats- turning every episode of his life into a musical film. The condition called Synaesthesia refers to involuntary crossovers between different senses, where normal sounds become sensory stimuli that invariably become music.

This makes it difficult for him or her to socialize or maintain relationships since he cannot concentrate for long.

What happened between Rudy and Haley?

Rudy and Haley have been together for more than four years already. The background of Haley reveals wealth from which comes strong emphasis on planning ahead. So the plan was to finish school, look for jobs and move together in town. Nonetheless, she feels that her husband-to-be no longer shares their vision since he does not even pay attention at lectures concentrating merely on playing music with his puppet toys at subway terminals thinking about himself as an entertainer.

Thus, in this noisy café full of all sorts of clanging sounds around like chopping boards; shoes striking hard surfaces, people walking past; forks falling onto plates; spoons hitting against bowls; cups breaking accidentally followed by whistles among others, she cuts short their relationship.

Although he feels broken down by the break-up, Rudy does not tell Haley about his condition. Then after some thought and deciding to win Haley back at first, he begins participating in classes more so that she can see him. Yet the initial plan did not work because when Rudy is ready to move on and start a new affair. She approaches him after his final lecture asking if they could meet up at the country club for a chat but he cannot decline.

He starts hanging out with Haley again and even meets her parents. Musica during dinner which he absolutely hates due to their judgmental looks that make queries on anything that comes into their mind that Rudy realizes how much of an escape from reality Haley has made it be although she fails to recognize the fact.

Afterwards, Rudy resolves to leave Haley as she asks him to go out for a “sorry” dinner. However, things do not progress as planned since he unexpectedly encounters another one of his girlfriends while trying hard to have both girls satisfied in such a two-timing scene. Finally, having found out what Rudy has been doing behind her back, slaps are exchanged between them.

What happened between Rudy and Isabella?

Rudy meets Isabela at a famous local fish store when his mother sends him out to get fish. Rudy is immediately taken by Isabella and she occupies his thoughts more than he wants to admit. As such, he begins going there often with the hope of meeting her one day and that eventuality happens on the way to the market when he finally meets her and decides to accompany her.

Speaking with Isabella makes Rudy feel at ease as if she has been able to understand him more so that he can disclose some things. She does not live for tomorrow but loves small things about life now. She likes their small town and is not considering leaving since it provides everything she needs.

Rudy tells Isabella everything; even when she doesn’t know what’s going on or doesn’t see what Rudy sees, she listens. Although, it’s due to his inability to turn off other sounds as well as being distracted anytime he drifts off in his own world; however, I think he understands that she thinks Musica a disadvantage for him because of this reason. He was never judged by Isabella about liking puppets too much or music but rather told that more should be done with such a passion. She says that his condition is something special that should be shared with others.

One time, Rudy goes ahead to take Isabella for a date whereby he borrows Anwar’s food truck but gets shot. She buries his ears into her palms at the hospital when the noise becomes unbearable for him, and they kiss. Nevertheless, when Haley requests them back together, Rudy starts doubling Haley over.

After an awful dinner with Hailey’s family and meaningful conversation with Diego puppet, Rudy decides to dump Hailey so as to pursue magic bond between them and Izabela. His plan is ruined by complications arising from finding Izabela at same place where Hailey had booked restaurant for their date thus breaking up with him anyhow. Rudy tries to get her back but she doesn’t grant him another opportunity and requests him to straighten up first.

And who does Rudy end up with?

Rudy loses both Isabella and Haley and goes to a party with Anwar. He ends up drinking too much alcohol and hallucinates some of his childhood scenes when his parents used to fight and he would hide inside a cupboard.

During breakfast the next day, Rudy’s mother Maria gives him an inspirational talk to apologize if Musica makes him happy and have something with Isabella. However, she appreciates the apology but cannot be in a relationship with someone whom she cannot trust; hence they hold each other tightly before parting ways.

Can Rudy make his dream come true, which was about playing music on stage while having puppetry career?

He returns home from school as usual through subways. However, one day Isabella comes across his mind when he remembers her suggestion of taking the puppet show to another level. These puppets are increased by more creations then he takes up a female presenter for narrating this story based on his own experiences at the train station. Over time he made it bigger performing on streets in front of larger crowds than ever before. He did not fail though because he sold out theaters and played on stages.

What happens at the end of Musica?

One evening in the green room after a successful performance, Rudy’s assistant brings him fast food, and he notices a little smiley face on the box similar to the one Isabella had left on the fish wrap the first time they met. Inside is a note, “You took it higher,” which is Isabella’s way of congratulating Rudy on his victory.

The movie is an amazing piece of art that combines various styles including theater, romantic comedy, and musical. Musica tells about Rudy’s growth both as a person and as a professional against the background of uncertainties about the future. The script and the visuals are uniquely imaginative in this movie especially in one sequence where he keeps changing his shirts; running around attempting to satisfy the needs of Isabella, Haley, and his mother.

The Brazilian culture is connoted through its music; language spoken by characters in Portuguese and colour-coded scenes imitating Brazil’s flag that are simply hypnotizing. While ending abruptly there still remains sweet aftertaste because audience wonders if Isabella makes Musica up with Rudy or not.

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