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Yoon Se-heon and Han Tae-yi from South Korea are enemies who become friends in a boy’s love story known as Jazz for Two. A year of homeschooling helped Se-heon to improve his classical piano skills only to be ruined by his return to school. He is eager to return back to school so that he can have the freedom of playing his most favourite music, which is jazz far away from his father’s watchful eyes.

However, threats alone were not enough to stop him and he continues visiting the forbidden piano room. However, this has not deterred Se-heon because he keeps going to the forbidden piano room.

On the other hand, Tae-yi himself does not know what it is but whenever Se-heon plays it appears as if something comes over him and throws him into fits of dark memories. However, a close bond starts developing between them and secrets from the past test their growing affection for each other.

The script of Jazz for Two is dedicated towards slow-burn romance and focus on character development. Especially when they involve Do-yoon and Se-heon, dialogue feels captivating and humorous. The script tries to go into deep social issues of suicide, grief, mental health thus making it an intelligent narrative except that there are some inconsistencies in character development within its writing.

Nevertheless, aside from the final performance during a school festival which was amazing every other piano performance or soundtrack throughout the series was pretty forgettable unlike those well-known classical tunes that we all love which makes me sad.

Se-heon is charismatic with an enchanting smile full of cheerfulness and optimism. It was because Tae-yi had an intense hatred for jazz due to a childhood experience with another band that did not play well together at first with regard to their music tastes that led them into conflict at the beginning of this series.

However, his opposite personality develops toward leading onto more enemies-to-lovers’ narratives. He is introverted, shy, unfriendly and sleepless. However, with a deeper understanding of one another tae-yi becomes jolly, caring, sympathetic and a highly gifted trumpet player.

Se-heon and Tae-yi have an interesting chemistry that is seen through the push me pull you relationship between Se-heon’s passion for jazz music and Tae-yi’s unwillingness to accept it. The slow burn romance allows exponential character growth through emotional and personal development, overcoming obstacles and the works of music in changing attitudes.

The supporting characters are incredible with Do-yoon as the best friend who always looks out for the main characters. On the other hand Joo-ha is mean, violent and fearsome bully whom Do-yoon has a crush on. His sister likes Tae-Yi otherwise he would not be friends with him but she is constantly refused by him so that he can make his life miserable therefore Joo-ha does whatever it takes in order to make Tae-yi suffer.

However, I think it would have been more important if the secondary characters’ love story wasn’t about romance but friendship instead. Secondly, an impressive impact is left by the delightful cameo of drama’s romantic leads “A Shoulder to Cry On” compared to second leads’ romance. Also Han Tae-joon and Yoon Se-jin give stellar performances that connect past with present explaining what happened to her brother leaving han tormented by grief insomnia all these years long

Anyway, Jazz for Two is a school drama that’s really fun to watch. At first it may remind you of Taiwanese boys’ love series About Youth but in the end it is a slow-burn romance that you will not regret watching.

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