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A pleasant goodbye to Wyndham Rotunda

When wrestling transitioned from the mid-2010s into the 2020’s, one name became more and more conspicuous: Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal. He was a WWE superstar who made it through the ranks of their NXT developmental stage and developed his abilities both as a worker in the ring and as an entertainer. It’s just too bad he left us too early. Subsequently known as Bray Wyatt, Executive produced by WWE, Becoming Immortal is a documentary about Wyndham Rotunda, portraying his ascent to fame and untimely death.

Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal begins and ends sort of like your usual “I came into this world…” kind of documentary for a famous person that we all liked too much but died unexpectedly early. Nonetheless, in between these two ends lies great information which can grab even an average wrestling fan with unseen footage.

Having been born into a family of wrestlers in Brooksville Florida; his father and uncle were part of Wrestlemania’s first ever event. After college, Rotunda would try to play football professionally in the NFL but fall off on his college football career which is where wrestling came in.

During his time at WWE NXT – he had no depth to his character; it was just some clichéd creation design for someone with his chubby build by somebody behind the scenes. At this point, Rotunda started re-thinking everything again. He being southern would check out Southern Gothic aesthetics for creating a persona; studying cult leaders, sadistic serial killers including Robert De Niro in Cape Fear for building up an alter ego that would become Bray Wyatt later on.

From that stage on, Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal takes us through every peak and valley of Wyatt’s tenure with WWE. The highest point was going from almost walking away from what he thought was going to be his life long dream of becoming a professional wrestler only to end up at Wrestlemania within a year. The lowest was his divorce, ultimately being let go by WWE and trying to figure out what’s next.

In fact, as the WWE produced this movie, they provide a peek behind the scenes of their character development that only takes us through the creative process of Bray Wyatt creation and the genius mind behind it. Thus he used to be into horror and fantasy movies when he was growing up so in order to develop an insane character who gave fans chills among other things and eventually even garnered followership from some as well.

Bray Wyatt for a fact literally becomes immortal in this documentary. Just around the time he came back to WWE, his death happened abruptly. He had been making positive strides towards regaining top spot with the company. Rotunda meanwhile succumbed to heart attack at 36 but left behind years’ worth of creativity for all of us to admire. No one has had a persona in WWE that has come along like The Undertaker or any other wrestler since then which freezes you because it’s not just an act but somebody real.

The quality aspect is too difficult to criticize about this documentary though. The movie is back by WWE; hence it tells its own story freely. It’s quite long but Rotunda’s life story is appealing and true and man did v live fast, die young!

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