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How To Date Billy Walsh archie (Archibald) Arnold and Amelia Brown were raised as best friends, but Archie soon realized that he was in love with her. Every time Archie tried to confess his love for her, things went wrong and he ended up keeping his feelings. With just half a year left before high school graduation, Archie decides to ask Amelia out.

However, their plans are thwarted by the arrival of a student named How To Date Billy Walsh who joins the school from another town. Archie finds out that Amelia loves Billy and also discovers that she is too scared to tell him this fact. During one of their family parties at home, Amelia overhears her parents talking about a Love Doctor who had helped them solve their relationship problems.

How does Archie prevent Billy from dating Amelia?

Amelia asks Archie for the number of the Love Doctor so that she can impress Billy Walsh and go on a date with him. Initially, he says no but after much persuasion Archie gives in. He hands over Love Doctor’s digits to Amelia but later replaces them with one of his own additional numbers. By using an age filter and chatting as though he is in the shoes of Love Doctor, Archie fools Amelia into believing she’s having a conversation with Lizzy Mercier Descloux. He advises Amelia wrongly making her get embarrassed while speaking to billy.

Amber represents one of mean girls whom Billy may be into; hence, being Amber will help Amelia win over Billy; however clumsy character trait reveals even more embarrassing situation in front of entire institution. In this regard Amber mocks our protagonist at lunch room yet it’s only when Amies’ mashed potatoes fly onto her face Arched retaliates on behalf of Amelia by slamming mash potatoes onto ambers face thus causing billy notice her and ask her for a date

Why does Archie fail?

In guise of Love doctor on chat line, Archie convinces Ameila to be exceptionally rude during her date with Billy. Amelia’s night does not go well, as she takes on a rude and mean persona just like Amber and the other mean girls from school. That billy was not the usual bad boy with above average family was dawning on Amelia as they left for school. Amelia took to the microphone and shared her most humiliating stories in front of all students, including How To Date Billy Walsh.

Archie realized he couldn’t prevent Amelia from dating Billy anymore and he stepped aside. He took Billy to Amelia who admitted she loved him, and they started dating each other. Meanwhile, Archie stayed in his bed all day long feeling sorry for himself after losing his first love.

What did her father tell Amelia about true love?

Amelia does not know what she wants anymore despite being with Billy all the time. One day while talking to her father, it emerges that both their parents were also childhood friends. How to Date Billy Walsh is during this talk that we get to know how their dad had always liked their mum but never said so due to fear; therefore, as a result of this she starts thinking about what exactly is happening between Archie and herself.

Will Amelia find out the truth about the Love Doctor?

Amelia and Archie met in the evening of the ball, she confessed her love to him. She made him put on his dress for the dance then sent a message to Love Doctor asking how she would break up with Billy Walsh. She heard her phone beep inside one of the drawers where Archie’s mobile was placed. This is how she found out that Archie lied to her and left for the dance by herself. Amelia leaves alone, this forces Archie to run after her but he meets thugs from his school who have beaten him badly before tying him up against one tree.

What will happen to Billy Walsh?

Amelia tells Billy at the ball that there is someone else she has feelings for and breaks up with him. Being broken up with surprises Billy, but he hasn’t taken it bad. One of these tough guys tells Billy about archie who runs as fast as possible in order to set Archi free. After thanking Bill for helping to get off the tree, he goes back inside to meet Amilia.

So does How To Date Billy Walsh have a happy ending?

When they were at the ball, Archi came on stage and declared that he loved Amelia since their childhood days. He also had been through fake Love Doctor training so as to be close enough with Amelia; however, all this did not help much. Archi apologizes and they kiss each other finally. The movie ends when Billy dates one of the nerdy girls from school.

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