Top Hollywood Action And Sci-Fi Movies To Watch

Top Hollywood Action And Sci-Fi Movies To Watch
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The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

(2002) Fantasy/Adventure

The groundbreaking adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s Oscar-winning fantasy-heroic epic, among other things, qualifies as a full-length action film (as well as fantasy, melodrama, romantic film, tragedy, road movie, studio of the anti-hero theme, a comedy about close friends of hobbits). And each of the three episodes that make up the New Zealand director’s saga features incredible battles involving warriors, crawling creatures, spiders, Dark Lords, and other inhabitants of Middle-earth. But it is the highlight of the entire trilogy, which occupies more or fewer two-thirds of the second episode of The Two Towers, which reigns supreme over everything else: the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

A very famous scene in Tolkien’s book, it is the first great contest in the War of the Ring, which sees armies of men and elves defending a castle from legions of Orcs. And in terms of scope and composition, at almost 40 minutes in length, it is the mother scene of all sieges on the big screen. Arrows fly, swords ring, demonic enemies grunt, wood, and stone break under the weight of opposing forces until finally the cavalry, in the guise of a white-haired wizard and his entourage, comes to the rescue. It is, in the truest sense of the word, fantastic.

Edge of Tomorrow

(2014)  Action/Sci-fi 

Get off a plane and battle hordes of creepy aliens. Die on the beaches in a massacre that compares to the Normandy landings. Wake up the next morning, rinse, repeat. Doug Liman’s sci-fi interpretation of Starting Overit’s a breeding ground for any star introduced Emily Blunt as the action heroine to a hitherto unaware but extremely grateful audience. How many times can one of the best-known movie stars kill? Not to mention the different ways. Once Cruise and Blunt figure out how to get their fill of guns in this time loop, we’re presented with scenarios that combine war, spy, alien invasion, and, of course, Tom Cruise movies. The promise of a sequel is dead in the bud, but we keep hoping that a potential “part two” will wake up and start fighting again.

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

(1980) Sci-fi/Action

When he gave the world the first Star Wars movie in 1977, George Lucas managed to synthesize a bunch of old action-adventure influences – from the Flash-Gordon WWII air combat movies – in a soft, general-purpose package. It was a game changer in American films and introduced a whole new generation to some kind of thrilling cinema. And even if exceptional action sequences are found in every episode of the saga so far, why not choose the best film of the group for this list? The second episode of the original trilogy not only builds on the momentum of its groundbreaking predecessor, but remains the high point in the series’ narrative; introduces some new core characters (Yoda! Lando! Boba Fett !!!), and holds a huge surprise for our Jedi hero Luke Skywalker.

There is no shortage of reckoning between the rebels and the AT-ATs on the planet Hoth, the Millennium Falcon maneuvers through an asteroid field, a daring escape from Cloud City. But the climax is reached with the duel between Luke and Darth Vader. If we really have to choose between the episodes of Star Wars, we have no doubts.

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