The Greatest Realistic War Movies Of All Time

The Greatest Realistic War Movies Of All Time
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We have respect for the soldiers at the borders but the pain that they suffer and how they overcome all the tough situations can only be seen in these realistic war movies that are based on some real incidents that happened with the soldiers during the time of war.


2014 / Drama, War movie, Action / USA, UK

A tank that rides through Germany, getting into and out of battles with relatively few casualties. But you can rarely expect such a film from Hollywood, the Americans here are not liberators, but dogs, even jackals of war, who do not disdain carrion and can easily gnaw each other’s throats.

Full Metal Jacket

1987 / Drama, War film / USA, UK

Kubrick has always loved visuals. And here he clearly showed how in the American army they make a killing machine out of a person so that later they can be sent to the criminal Vietnamese massacre, which can no longer be called a war. The drill in the film looks more convincing than the fighting, and this exercise is really hard.

The Fate of Man

1959 / Drama, War film, Biopic / USSR

The film is built as a recollection of the war, so terrible and soulless that the memory seems to have slightly erased many episodes, and the viewer’s imagination should think of them on its own. A film about a soldier who remained a man. And that is the only reason he will build peace when the war is over.

All Quiet on the Western Front

1930 / Drama, War film / USA

The Hollywood production according to Remarque is an example of military cinema, which many years later all the directors of the world were guided by. It still looks very relevant and tough today, because this kind of cinema is very conservative, and, apart from color, widescreen, multi-channel sound, and 3D, there is not much new here.

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