Must-Watch True-Life Miracle Movies Ever Made

Must-Watch True-Life Miracle Movies Ever Made
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Do you believe in miracles? So you have to watch these movies based on true-life miracle on true incidents that are life-changing moments in the film.

Remember Me

2010/Drama, Melodrama

The main character, played by Robert Pattinson, is a simple student, and he just can’t find his place in life. Recently, his older brother died, as a result of which the young man fell into depression: it seems to him that neither his father, his mother, nor his stepfather cares about him. He finds consolation in his younger sister and friend. With the latter, he once gets into trouble, following which he gets arrested.

If Only

2004 / Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

Samantha and Jan have been together for several years, but there is practically no mutual understanding between them. Jan is only passionate about his work, so he simply does not have time for his beloved. Samantha loves music; she is emotional and tender, and she craves Jan’s attention. Their relationship almost comes to naught, but everything changes due to a tragic accident: Samantha’s life is claimed by a car accident. Now Yang finally realizes the magnitude of his loss and asks fate for only one chance: if only he could turn back time.

One Day

2011/Drama, Melodrama

Dexter and Emma are complete opposites. For the first time, young people meet at graduation on July 15; after spending only One Day and one night together, they decide to remain friends. But is this the right decision because their feelings are actually much deeper? The film shows the main characters in a year and in two—on the same day they met.

The Fault in Our Stars

2014/Drama, Melodrama/USA

Hazel Grace found out at a young age that she had cancer. Now the girl carries an oxygen tank with her all the time because without it she will simply die. The life of the heroine is boring every day. But only until the moment when she meets Augustus Waters, who, as it seems, managed to get rid of cancer. Relationships form between them—and that leads to unexpected results.

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