Top Hollywood Movies to Stream Right Now

Top Hollywood Movies to Stream Right Now
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Hollywood movies with unique stories have a different fan base. Everyone loves the iconic drama in these Hollywood movies. Here we have mentioned the top Hollywood movies that you will surely add to your watch list in no time and watch in your free time.

Nightmare Alley

(2021 film) Thriller/Drama

From the equally “artisanal” hands of Guillermo del Toro, and from the novel by William Lindsay Gresham (which already became a film in the 1940s starring Tyrone Power), one of the hardest and most “seminal” films of the Mexican director. Perhaps too obscure for the current times: perhaps this is why the public has turned its back on him. Between classic noir and the author’s usual taste for the freak show, Stan’s parable (a Bradley Cooper has never been more convincing) is a tale of our time: only the circus has changed. Between impeccable femme fatale (Cate Blanchett) and ultra-luxury packaging (mention of the photography by Dan Laustsen), there are no mistakes. If you have (like many) lost it, recover it: the Cinema asks you for it.

Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

(2022) Sci-fi/Drama 

Another round, another great author. And another great film that is underestimated, if not ignored: the Netflix algorithm, which produces and distributes, has kept it hidden even from the most astute cinephiles. By reusing the rotoscope animation dear to him (see the previous Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly ), Linklater signs his most intimate and imaginative film. It is also one of the most jaw-dropping pieces of “Americana” in recent years. From the conquest of space to the pieces of “modern art” that pass before the eyes in a very tight montage, there are all the States of the 60s, seen through the eyes of a child/astronaut and condensed into an incredible mix of nostalgia and irony. A masterpiece, period.

The Glance of Music

(2021) Documentary/ Biography/ Music

“The documentary on Morricone”: too easy to dismiss it like this. Putting together archive materials, interviews, and above all a lot (a lot) of music, which is the true heart of the film, Giuseppe Tornatore dedicates to “his” Ennio a film that is not a tribute like many others, but the celebration of a real genius of the ‘900. Finally recognized for what he is: one of the greatest composers of the last century, no ifs and buts. The result is a river work that you would like never to end, with moments that no other doc has ever given. The scene of the genesis of In knee da te, feat. the national Gianni: probably the most beautiful montage of the last cinema season.

Licorice Pizza

(2021) Romance/Comedy 

Can a director continue to surpass himself, even when he seems unsurpassed? Yes, if the director is called Paul Thomas Anderson. The only one capable of making a film on “small” paper into a romantic and universal epic about youth, dreams, and even Cinema (always capitalized). We are in 1970s Los Angeles, and at the center of this tiny/huge coming-of-age novel is the story of a love that is beautiful because it looks like no other: that between a boy actor (Cooper Hoffman, son of the late Philip Seymour) and an aspiring photographer (the prodigious Alana Haim, from the band with the Haim sisters to the big screen, passing through the front door) seduced by Hollywood. Sean Penn and Bradley Cooper, in übercool appearances, yes and we have a lot of fun. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the biggest movie of all so far.
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