The Classic Animation Movies Everyone Will Enjoy

The Classic Animation Movies Everyone Will Enjoy
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Nutcracker Fantasy

1979 / Short film, Cartoon / USSR

Disney is the most unique and “non-Disney” cartoon. And if you think that the studio’s attempts right now are incredibly daring, watch Fantasia again. You’ll notice that they appear like baby talk. “Fantasy” is pure poetry; it is made up of seemingly meaningless sketches with musical undertones that are actually rich in significant meaning. All of this is strikingly reminiscent of early cinematic works by German expressionists and French surrealists. However, this is not a video just for adults; kids enjoy it as well, particularly when Mickey Mouse is featured in the opening scene.

The Breadwinner

2017 / Family movie, Animation / Luxembourg, Canada, Ireland

a compelling Afghan girl animation from Ireland. Parvana’s family is in danger of starving to death following his father’s incarceration. It’s all due to the absurd regulation that forbids women from leaving the house without a man. In order to buy bread for her loved ones, Parvana cuts her hair and assumes a boy’s clothing. However, a mature person is aware that we are discussing the Taliban and the savage discrimination against women that still exists in some Muslim nations. The youngster will actually be mesmerised by the wonderful inserts: Parvana uses fairy tales to flee the harsh world.

Mirai no Mirai

2018 / Drama, Family movie, Animation, Anime / Japan

Mamoru Hosoda, a Japanese animator and filmmaker, is equally talented and skilled to Hayao Miyazaki and Makoto Shinkai. His cartoon, which follows a three-year-old boy as he deals with having a crying newborn sister unexpectedly enter his life, is an unquestionable masterpiece that earned him an Oscar nomination. A subtly emotional tale about the bonds between generations and childhood.

Corpse Bride

2005 / Drama, Family movie, Animation / USA, UK

A pale lover who still prefers a real girl to her is a bone-rattling bride in Tim Burton’s gothic puppet animation. The Nightmare Before Christmas, which was also partially Burton’s creation, is often compared to the amusing. And absurd animated musical that the well-known film narrator has made. The gory dances and grim humour of the people who live in the Kingdom of the Dead are the only things that can make you smile. It is one of the best classic animation movies of all time.

Hedgehog in the Fog

1975 / Drama, Fantasy, Short film, Family film, Animation, Detective / USSR

Konstantin Bogomolov, a theatre director, once observed that the military movie “1917” by Sam Mendes and the animated film “Hedgehog in the Fog” share many similarities. The main character is similarly powerless but valiant, and the events there largely parallel those there. It’s possible that Yuri Norshtein’s masterwork, which is really a short tale about a hedgehog that gets lost and finally finds its way home, had a significant impact on world cinema.

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