Must-Watch Family Comedy Movies Ever Made

Must-Watch Family Comedy Movies Ever Made

These days people are too busy spending time on their own they don’t have time for family. We have made a list of must-watch family comedy movies ever made so you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your family.


2007 / Comedy, Family movie, Animation / USA

This fantastic cartoon’s hero has a mantra that is applicable to anyone who wishes to start their own business or explore their creative side: “Everyone can cook!” In light of this, all you need to do is just change the first word to what you want to do. Unquestionably original and beautiful, this cartoon encourages us to think broadly. The Pixar team clearly shows that even a rat in a high-end restaurant’s kitchen can be the protagonist of a fantastic animated film and that’s why this movie belongs to Must-Watch Family Comedy Movies Ever Made.

How to Train Your Dragon

2010 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation / USA

The bond between the Viking Hiccup and the black dragon Toothless in the DreamWorks cartoon led to a wildly popular animated trilogy. Undoubtedly a tale about the strength of love, bravery, and prejudice-free living.

Spirited Away

2001 / Adventure, Fantasy, Family movie, Anime / Japan

An imaginative story about a girl who wound up in a parallel universe was full of magical imagery. A vast universe, comprised of both figures from Japanese folklore and incredible inventions from the mind of Hayao Miyazaki, the father of Japanese animation, is unveiled to us by the artist. Aside from numerous other renowned cinema prizes, the animation actually won an Oscar from the American Film Academy.

Winnie the Pooh

1969 / Short film, Family film, Cartoon / Russia

Yevgeny Leonov’s voice for Fedor Khitruk’s teddy bear Pooh demonstrates how much the public adores him. This is also understandable. In actuality, Winnie the Pooh proved to be a smart, compassionate, and carefree Russian animator. Additionally, he does not contradict Alan Milne’s portrayal of Christopher Robin’s favourite toy in the novel (we know it in the retelling of Boris Zakhoder). In general, even children “0+” can safely view our “Fluff.”

The Triplets of Belleville

2003 / Comedy, Cartoon / Canada, UK, Belgium, France, Latvia

A humorous and heartfelt cartoon created in honour of all grandmothers worldwide. In actuality, a mafia-kidnapped champion cyclist who is tiny, reclusive, and a workaholic is being sought by a Parisian grandmother who is searching for her lost grandchild. And the landscape is eerily evocative of “The Adventures of Captain Vrungel,” a popular local animated series. And while the trio in the title doesn’t have a huge part in the movie, it sounds lovely.

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