The Greatest Animated Movies Of All Time

The Greatest Animated Movies Of All Time

Fantastic Mr. Fox

2009 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation

Wes Anderson excels at making both animated films and video game graphics. A true classic, though, is a cartoon about a clever fox attempting to adjust to the reality of modern life. George Clooney played the father of the red-haired family. George Clooney offered his hero more than just a voice: Mr. Fox is like a great performer in everything. His devoted wife was voiced by Meryl Streep. Each character is different, though, such as the restrained possum Badger, whose features are mistaken for those of Bill Murray.


2009 / Fantasy, Family movie, Animation

A little stop-motion animation studio in the US is called Studio Laika. Her strength is having the guts to choose stories because the authors often appear to understand exactly what it is that young audiences want to see and hear when they ask you to give them a “bad tale.” At least “Paranorman, or How to Train Your Zombies,” another ethereal Laika cartoon, is a really frightful sight. Coraline was tired of her depressing circumstances. She wakes up one day in a parallel universe that appears to be far superior to the one she was previously in. However, a horrific truth hides behind the illusion, and her comfortable life “like in a dream” abruptly transforms into a grim nightmare. The Legend of the Samurai is a film by the Laika company one of the greatest animated movies of all time.

The Pirates! In an Adventure With Scientists!

2012 / Comedy, Adventure, Animation

Super pirate hit, which is able to give Pirates of the Caribbean a chance. True, the pirates in it are even unluckier, funnier, and crazier, and they care less about treasures than Charles Darwin and his long-extinct dodo bird. Aardman, a company known for its amazing Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep cartoon franchises, as well as short animated films like Santa’s Secret Service and Chicken Run, produced this comedy. You can choose any and watch with confidence.


2007 / Drama, Animation, Biopic / USA, France

French political cartoon depicting the Islamic revolution and Marji, an Iranian girl through whom the nation’s cataclysms swung fate. The voices of Gena Rowlands, Catherine Deneuve, and Chiara Mastroianni were used. The Cannes IFF jury took note of this animated piece, which went on to win two “Cesars” and be nominated for an Oscar. Under the cover of ostensibly innocent black-and-white comics, this is a substantial and profound film and one of the greatest animated movies of all time.

Once Upon a Dog

1982 / Comedy, Short film, Family film, Animation / USSR

For instance, the quantity of citations can be used to gauge the value of a piece of art. From this cartoon, words like “Well, come in, if anything” and “I’ll sing right now” have gained enormous popularity. The work of filmmaker Eduard Nazarov, who meticulously re-created on screen the world of the Ukrainian hinterland with its low huts, cunning tales, and drinking songs, is obviously not without other benefits. The Association of Animates Films just named “Once upon a time there was a dog” as the best cartoon of the 20th century.

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