Top 5 Retrospective Iconic Films Of All Time

Retrospective Iconic Films
Top 5 Retrospective Iconic Films Of All Time
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Get ready to take a journey Down the past as we present you the top 5 retrospective iconic films that have stood the test of time. From classic Hollywood masterpieces to modern gems, these films have left a lasting impact on the film industry and continue to be celebrated by audiences around the world. Join us as we explore the past themes, memorable characters, and cinematic brilliance of these must-see films.

“Mommy”, Canada, 2014

Xavier Dolan is a young but very talented director who made his first masterpiece at just 19 years old. The film “Mommy” became his fifth film, which was met with a standing ovation at the international Cannes Film Festival. Almost the entire film was shot in an unusual format – 1: 1, this is a sensual, bright, unlike-anything movie, it tells about the bright and eccentric widow Diana, who takes her teenage son from the boarding school and is determined to start a new life. With Steve, they would have lived in perfect harmony. But the outbursts of the anger of the impulsive son now and then undermine the precarious balance in the family. A modest stuttering neighbor Kayla comes to the rescue, and an idyll reigns in the house for a while, but how long will this last?

“It’s good to be quiet”, USA, 2012

The story is about Charlie, a high school student in Pittsburgh who is shy and unpopular. Before our eyes, Charlie is growing up, his social circle is changing, and his opinion about the world is changing. The film is based on Stephen Chbosky’s novel It’s Good to Be Quiet. The author of the novel himself became the director of the film adaptation and brilliantly coped with all his duties. The film converges sincere soulfulness and utmost frankness without any damage to each other. Recommended for viewing!

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“Spartacus”, 1960

Genre: peplum, adventure

What is the movie about? The story of the gladiator Spartacus, his beloved Varinia, and the ambitious Roman general Crassus. An irresistible craving for freedom makes Spartacus raise the legendary slave uprising, which became the most important milestone in world history. It is one of the best retrospective iconic films of all time.

Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Bomb, 1963

Genre: black comedy, comedy, War

What is the movie about?  Obsessed with the idea that the Communists intend to steal the “priceless bodily juices” from the Americans, the commander of the air base, General Jack D. Ripper, sends a squadron of nuclear-armed bombers to bomb the USSR. US President Muffley is trying to save the day by gathering his advisers, including the valiant General Tergidson and the wheelchair-bound former Nazi scientist Dr. Strangelove.

“2001: A Space Odyssey”, 1968

Genre: science fiction

What is the movie about? The crew of the Space Shuttle Discovery – Captains Dave Bowman, Frank Poole, and their onboard computer HAL 9000 – must explore the region of the galaxy and understand why aliens are watching the Earth. Many unexpected discoveries await them along the way.

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