Best Five Adaptations of the Classics

Best Adaptations of the Classics
Best Five Adaptations of the Classics
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Today, we will be taking a journey through the events of film history and revisiting five classic movies that have stood the test of time. From epic historical dramas to thought-provoking social commentaries, these films have left their mark on the world of cinema. These five films had made with great techniques that tell the art of storytelling and are the best adaptations of the classics. And have the ability of cinema to transport us to different worlds and times. I hope you enjoy watching these classics as much as we did.

“War and Peace”, 1965


The list of adaptations of the classics opens with the famous film epic by Sergei Bondarchuk, on which he worked continuously for seven years. The picture could not have published at all. Because in the midst of the filming process, the director almost died of cardiac arrest. Some battle scenes films from a helicopter, as well as with the help of a special camera, which attaches to a cable car at a height of 300 m. To film the first ball of Natasha Rostova, the camera assistants had to carry him on roller skates, deftly maneuvering between waltzing couples. The Battle of Borodino had filmed near Dorogobuzh in the Dnieper valley – it was there that they found a suitable terrain. 15,000 infantry and 950 cavalries were involved in this scene. “Combat” extras daily practiced military techniques and all as one went on the attack.

Quiet Don, 1957

Drama, History, Romance, War

This grand film has been waiting for its finest hour for 16 long years. The reason for this is the conflict that suddenly broke out between the author of the novel and Joseph Stalin. Nevertheless, Mikhail Sholokhov took an active part in the creation of the film. It was he who advised equipping a literary Cossack village on the Dichensk farm near the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinsky. Cossack kurens, a maidan with a temple, a little further away – the estate of Listnitsky and even a whole railway station were carefully erectable here. The actors had to do a lot of preparatory work. So, Peter Glebov (Grigory Melekhov) mastered the skill of a horse rider from scratch. And Elina Bystritskaya (Aksinya) washed dirty linen in ice water and wore a yoke with heavy buckets on her shoulders.

“Cruel Romance”, 1984

Drama, Romance

The film, based on the play by Alexander Ostrovsky “The Dowry”, is still watched by many with interest. But few people know that during the filming, Andrei Myagkov, who played Karandyshev, almost died. According to the plot, his hero sails on a boat to the steamer. The actor did not notice that he came too close. Meanwhile, the blades of the vessel formed a funnel – the boat capsized, and the actor went underwater in front of everyone. Fortunately, Myagkov managed to get out alive and almost unharmed.

He escaped with only a scratch on his arm. Well, Nikita Mikhalkov overdid it a little by getting used to the image of the eccentric master Paratov. Periodically, he arranged banquets for the film crew. And once, having received a hunting license, the actor went to the Kostroma forests, after which he treated everyone to fried bear meat. It is one of the best adaptations of the classics.

“The Marriage of Balzaminov”, 1964

Comedy, Romance

Another film adaptation based on three plays by Ostrovsky at once, which we had no right to ignore. According to the script, the main character of the film is 25 years old, while Georgy Vitsin, who played him, is 45. To lose weight and look fit, the actor trained with professional football players at the stadium for a month. In addition, he came up with a special make-up that became the hallmark of the character – a tousled red wig and a generous scattering of freckles to mask wrinkles. It is noteworthy that Lyudmila Shagalova, who played the role of Balzaminov’s mother, was 5 years younger than Vitsin. Separately, it is worth mentioning that the actors managed to repeat the famous kiss scene with Nonna Mordyukova in front of the camera 29 times. The other takes were rejected by the director.

“Heart of a Dog”, 1988

Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

The list of film adaptations of the classics would lose a lot without the popular film version of Mikhail Bulgakov’s story. Sharik in the film had played by the dog Karay, who won in an honest casting among 20 applicants. For greater resemblance to a stray dog, they smeared his coat with gelatin and, with the help of makeup, made an imitation of a burn on his side. The actor for the role of Sharikov was looking for longer.

Alexei Zharkov and Nikolai Karachentsov could play him. But they had bypassed by an unknown actor from the Kazakh Theater of Russian Drama Vladimir Tolokonnikov. After he inspiredly played the dinner scene in the house of Professor Preobrazhensky. Another interesting fact is that the revolutionary Moscow streets had filmed in Leningrad. However, with the light hand of the decorators, Prechistenka, where the doctor first met Sharik, was movable to Borovaya Street. And the professor’s house on Mokhovaya was placed in Obukhov Lane.

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