5 Movies To Watch With Older Kids

5 Movies To Watch With Older Kids
5 Movies To Watch With Older Kids
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Are you looking for some great movies to watch with your older kids? Look no further. Here are five movies that are sure to entertain and engage your older children. From action-packed adventures to thought-provoking dramas, these films offer something for everyone Weather you are young or old.  this movie was made with some great storytelling techniques. Try to find the meaning behind the stories. So grab some popcorn, enjoy and watch the movies with the older kids.

“Life is beautiful”, 1997, Italy

Comedy, Drama, Romance, War

If you are wondering what movie to watch with your kids, pay attention to the work of director Robert Benigni, which is undoubtedly a masterpiece of modern cinema. During the war, a family of Jews – father and son – ended up in a Nazi concentration camp. And the head of the family told his little son that in fact, everything that happened was a game. Its essence is that you need to hide from German soldiers. You can’t cry and ask for food, and points are awarded for all actions performed. The price of the game is a real tank, and it will go to the one who scores 1000 points. So, thanks to non-standard thinking and a sense of humor, the father saved his son, but he himself died protecting his life.

This film teaches us to appreciate every moment of life, believe in miracles, and overcome any difficulties. Most people really lack positivity, and sometimes we are ready to go into depression from any failure. After this film, I really want to live, enjoy every day, and endlessly thank fate for its generous gifts…

“August Rush”, 2007, USA

Drama, Music

A touching and insanely beautiful film about how a guitarist and a cellist met by chance, fell madly in love with each other, and… broke up due to a fatal coincidence. The born child ended up in an orphanage, and after 12 years he went in search of his parents. The film is filled with great music. Evan’s parents (August) play musical instruments, and the boy inherited their musical talent. All the time he hears music that permeates the space and sounds in himself … The boy is sure that when his mother and father hear him play the guitar, they will immediately know that it is he – their son. August finds himself in a group of teenage musicians making money on the streets of New York… 

After this film, the soul is joyful and light. The realization comes that faith, hope, and love actually work wonders. That is why the ending does not seem fabulous, it is quite natural and logical because if we go to our dream, the whole world helps us and life itself become a miracle.

“Pan’s Labyrinth”, 2006, Spain, Mexico, USA

Drama, Fantasy, War

This is definitely one of those movies worth watching with kids. Its unusualness lies in the intersection of two storylines – real and fabulous. In real life, the Spanish rebels are fighting the Nazis in the mountains of Spain. Here, in a military camp, to Captain Vidal, cruel and merciless to enemies, a pregnant wife arrives with her stepdaughter Ophelia. The girl discovers an ancient labyrinth near the house, belonging to the mysterious creature Faun. He informs Ophelia that she is actually Princess Muanna and her homeland is a fairy-tale land where her own father lives. If she completes three test tasks, she will return home. If, of course, it will be in time before the full moon. One of the best character movies to watch with older kids.

In one world there is a cruel war and people are killing each other, in another world no less bloody events are taking place. For example, a terrible monster is cracking down on fairies. In the finale, two plots merge into one and the countdown to a new reality begins. The last test turned out to be the most terrible and unexpected, but Ophelia passed it brilliantly and returned home to a magical land…

This film has a very impressive visual design and high-quality special effects, fantastic characters look realistic, bright, and colorful. The film is more like a gloomy gothic fairy tale or an allegorical drama – whoever likes what.

“Two Captains”, 1976, USSR

Action & Adventure, War & Politics

A successful film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Veniamin Kaverin is a worthy six-episode film that you can watch with children. In the center of the plot is Alexander Grigoriev, who since childhood dreamed of revealing the secret of the death of the polar expedition of Captain Tatarinov. Actually, it all started with the fact that, as a boy, Sanya, together with a friend, found a bag with letters, from which he learned about the existence of the expedition.

After graduating from school and moving to Moscow, the young man met the daughter of Captain Tatarinov and fell in love with her. The love line is closely intertwined with exploratory attempts to look into the past and understand what really happened many years ago. The plot is filled with secrets and intrigue at the level of a good detective. But young people do not even imagine that the solution to a long-standing incident is next to them …

“Two Captains” is a work about love and friendship, loyalty and betrayal, heroism, and cowardice. Teenagers will appreciate a talented film that calls for the search for truth and makes you think about your destiny. It is one of the best movies to watch with older kids.

Princess Protection Program, 2009, USA

Comedy, Drama, Family

Two girls live in different parts of the world – an ordinary American schoolgirl and a princess of a distant state. And suddenly they are in the same family. How is this possible? It turns out that in the country where Princess Rosalind lived, there was a coup d’état. And she is forced to take advantage of the princess protection program in which the father of another girl named Carter works.

Representatives of the two worlds will have to make friends and find mutual understanding. And Rosalind will turn into Rosie, wean from the lordly habits and fit into the American school. And she does it successfully! The main idea of ​​a kind and beautiful film is that princesses are not born. One crown is not enough to carry this proud title. A true princess is a girl with a kind heart who helps people, is not afraid of any job, and always strives for the best.

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