The Best Five Movies Starring Robert De Niro

Movies Starring Robert De Niro
The Best Five Movies Starring Robert De Niro
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These are some most iconic films starring Robert De Niro of the past few decades. First, start with the Academy Award-nominated All The Way from 2009 it is one of the most iconic films in the list, and if we move on to the suspenseful Hide and Seek from 2005  this movie is about her children able to create their imagination into reality but not in a good way.  next, we talk about the experience of military diving from 2000 which will increase your adrenaline rush for the military.  Before diving into the Thought-provoking film the awakening from 1990  it sir a science fiction movie you can also watch its trailer on YouTube.  and lastly, he takes you on a journey in the 80s with the critically claimed “To be in time before Midnight” from 1988. Enjoy these movies with the best performance starring Robert De Niro.

“All the way”, 2009

Music, drama

A widowed pensioner realizes that for many years it was his wife who tied together their large family. In order to get to know more closely how his children live, he goes to visit them – and during an impromptu trip to the homes of his offspring, he discovers many unexpected things.

“Hide and Seek”, 2005

Horror, Mystery

A widower father is desperately trying to get through to his 9-year-old daughter, who has created a mean, maniacal imaginary friend obsessed with the idea of ​​​​revenge on her father. However, imaginary friends can enter real life…

“Military diver”, 2000

Biography, Drama

The film is based on real events from the life of the legendary diver Carl Brashear. His mentor and senior officer, Bill Sunday, is convinced that blacks have nothing to do in the Navy, but he soon begins to develop sympathy for this extremely stubborn guy. Together they try to resist the bureaucrats from the command of the Navy, who are not satisfied with the color of the hero’s skin.

“Awakening”, 1990

Mystery, Sci-Fi

Dr. Malcolm Sayer, a shy doctor, and scientist use experimental drugs to “awaken” immobilized victims of a rare disease. It is one of the best movies starring Robert De Niro.

“To be in time before midnight”, 1988

Jack Walsh is an experienced professional, a master of his craft. Once he served in the police, and now he has engaged in a private investigation. His specialty is operations to capture fugitive criminals. This time, Jack is busy looking for Jonathan Mardukas, known by the nickname “Duke”. Mardukas, a modest and intelligent accountant, managed to steal $15 million from the mafia. According to the agreement, Jack must catch the “Duke”, put him in handcuffs, and take him by plane from New York to Los Angeles within the agreed time. But Jack did not take into account that in addition to him, gangsters, the FBI, and a treacherous rival colleague are actively hunting for Mardukas. Moreover, Mardukas is terrified of flying and Jack will have to take the Duke across America.

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