Non-Gangsters Movies: The 5 Best Martin Scorsese Films

Martin Scorsese films
Non-Gangsters Movies: The 5 Best Martin Scorsese Films
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Martin Scorsese films are all related to drama and crime which makes them even more interesting to watch. These films have a separate fan base. And are mostly liked by people who like dark crime and drama movies which is suspenseful all the time and the thrilling experiences in the movie excite the people.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street, 2013


1987 Jordan Belfort becomes a broker at a successful investment bank. The bank closes shortly after the sudden collapse of the Dow Jones index. On the advice of his wife Teresa, Jordan gets a job in a small institution dealing with small stocks. His continuous style of communication with clients and natural charm quickly pay off. He meets Donnie’s housemate, a merchant who immediately hits on Jordan and decides to open his firm with him. In his free time, Jordan burns his life: he moves from one party to another. He has sexual relations with prostitutes and uses a lot of drugs. 

2.”Shutter Island”, 2009

Neo-noir Psychological Thriller

Two American agents are sent to an island in Massachusetts to investigate the disappearance of a patient in a clinic for the criminally insane. While investigating, they will have to face a web of lies, a hurricane that has fallen, and a deadly riot of the inhabitants of the clinic. iT is one of the best Martin Scorsese films of all time.

3.”The Departed”, 2006


The two best graduates of the police academy found themselves on opposite sides of the barricade. One of them is a mafia agent in the ranks of law enforcement agencies, and the other is a “mole” that embed in the mafia. Everyone considers it their duty to detect and destroy the enemy. But constant life in twisted realities changes the inner world of the heroes.

4.”Aviator”, 2004


Having received a small factory from his father, Howard Hughes turned it into a gigantic, fantastically profitable enterprise. Having become the owner of a huge film company. He made the most expensive film of his time and won the hearts of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses. He owned the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas. And set a record for high-speed flights, and acquired the second-largest commercial airline . So, Money burns Hughes’ heart, they haunt him, and his soul just torn up there. Only there, at an altitude of several thousand meters, is he truly happy. Only where everything is decided only by the skill of the pilot and God, nothing is valued as dearly as loyalty and honor.

5.”Gangs of New York”, 2002


New York, 1863 In the wild slums of the city of the American dream, there is only one law – the law of force. Any weapon is used here so that no one counts the losses and mourns the dead. In one of the cruel battles, the leader of the Irish gang, Wallon, dies at the hands of the leader of the Native Americans, Butcher Bill. His son Amsterdam ends up in a reform school for a long time, harboring a hatred for the Butcher, who has become the owner of the surrounding neighborhoods. However, years later, unrecognized by anyone, Amsterdam will return to its native streets with the sole purpose of taking revenge on the murderer of his father.

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