The Best Movies Starring Vladimir Mashkov Ever Made

The Best Movies Starring Vladimir Mashkov Ever Made
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2013 / War film, Historical film / Russia

1938 serves as the setting for the television series. The two main characters—a burglar with the moniker Ashes and Red Army Captain Igor Petrov—meet on the train. Petrov chooses to get dressed with Ash because he has an arrest warrant out for him. The captain also steals the thief’s papers and the “common fund.” As the captain tries to survive in a new “disguise,” Ash is now starting to be mistaken for him. They reconnect ten years later. General Ash, who later took the name Petrov, is appointed. Catching a particularly dangerous criminal is his task.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

2011 / Adventure, Thriller, Action / USA, UAE, Czech Republic

The Mission Impossible team members Ethan Hunt and his teammate become caught in a trap. They accuse him of detonating the Kremlin bomb. The so-called “Phantom” protocol, which the President of the United States starts, ends the existence of the squad, leaving Hunt and the team without any. The heroes will need to apprehend a real terrorist in order to clear their names and avert a nuclear war. The Mission Impossible team is on trial with FSB agent Anatoly Sidorov. In reality, he thinks Hunt was responsible for undermining the Kremlin.

The Edge

2010 / Drama, Historical film / Russia

The vessel Ignat returns to Krai because he merely adores steam locomotives. When he discovers a German steam locomotive nearby, on a remote island, Ignat resolves to fix it. Ignat makes an effort not to think about how odd the villagers find him and how they cannot comprehend his fixation with steam engines. Gradually he learns over time that the locomotive is owned by Elsa, who he learns that the locomotive is owned by Elsa, he learns that the locomotive belonged to Elsa, who he learns that the locomotive’s owner is Elsa.


2009 / Drama, Action / Russia

The movie’s events take place in 1995. Despite the fact that the cargo manifest states that there is humanitarian aid on board, a Russian transport plane is flying from Turkey to Afghanistan with a covert cargo of weaponry. An interceptor fighter unexpectedly emerged nearby as the crew flew over Kandahar, the militants’ primary stronghold, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing. Following that, Taliban fanatics kidnapped five cargo ship pilots. Now they must make every effort to survive and devise a crafty escape strategy.


2007 / Thriller, Action / Russia

The Sergei Ursulyak-directed action/crime drama is set in 1946 in Odessa. The city is in a state of anarchy following the battle. Everything is under the direction of a specific Academician. Even his employees are unaware of who he is. The director of the Odessa Criminal Investigation Department’s counter-terrorism division, David Gotsman, discovers a warehouse stocked with various military gear and equipment. Its function is unclear. Marshal Zhukov is in charge of the Odessa Military District as Gotsman tries to make sense of the situation, and despite advice, he takes severe actions.

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