The Best Films By Keanu Reeves To Watch Now

The Best Films By Keanu Reeves To Watch Now
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Action and thrillers are the best genres and if Keanu Reeves is the main lead then the excitement gets doubles as his movies have a separate fan base. So, here is the best films with the main lead of Keanu reeves that will make you excited and thrilled like never before.

The Matrix

1999 / Action / USA, Australia

The most straightforward office employee is Mr. Anderson, but only during the day. He changes into Neo, a sneaky and dangerous hacker, at night. Agents finally attack his trial one day after determining that the young man poses a threat to the nation’s security. Thomas gradually realizes that everything around him is an illusion known as the Matrix and that people are essentially a cave for Artificial Intelligence, which long ago enslaved all living things.

The Devil’s Advocate

1997 / Drama, Thriller, Mystery / USA

On the invitation of the boss of a sizable law company, Kevin Lomax, a young but promising attorney, travels to New York. The problem is that Lomax gained notoriety for exclusively representing thieves while maintaining a perfect winning record. Finally, he will experience a life-changing challenge.

Point Break

1991 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA

The movie centers on a shadowy group of surfers who heist banks in broad daylight. A young FBI agent agrees to investigate the case; he infiltrates a group of suspects and tracks down the criminals, but this time around, his life is more exciting than it used to be.


1994 / Adventure, Crime, Action / USA

After one of his bombs aimed at police officers was destroyed, former sapper and current terrorist Howard Payne mined a regular municipal bus. Actually, the issue is that the bomb, which is capable of destroying everyone within, has already been detonated as the bus accelerated to 80 kph. Additionally, there will be an explosion if the motorist decides to slow down. Operative Jack Treven is quickly transported to the bus; combined with an arbitrary passenger, he will have to pull off the impossible in order to save the hostages and try to prevent a huge number of casualties.

Johnny Mnemonic

1995 / Crime, Action

As a mnemonic, Johnny transports important information on a unique chip inserted into his brain. The main character does not remember his past because the memory differs from a person’s general recollection at the same time. In fact, Johnny believes that eventually, he will be able to get above his financial challenges and have surgery to restore his memories. The next order for him is problematic from the start because they download 200 terabytes of each chip as opposed to 160. Now, Johnny will shortly meet his demise if he cannot figure out how to delete this info.

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