The Best Films For Those Who Liked “John Wick”

The Best Films For Those Who Liked “John Wick”
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When You Love to Watch John’s Wick Films. We bring you the best of John Wick that you love to watch these movies. These movies have lots of thrillers and action. Enjoy the thrilling action of John Wick Films, These movies will keep you on the edge of your seat!


2011 / Drama, Crime

In this furious action game, the main character, a driver from God, earns money by pulling stunts during the day and transports robbers at night. Finally, he signs his own death sentence one day by agreeing to assist the beauty with the child; his head is now being paid for. The young man will have to take extreme measures not just to protect his lovely neighbor but also to rescue himself.

Atomic Blonde

2017 / Thriller, Action, Mystery / USA

A British MI6 agent was assassinated on the eve of the Berlin Wall’s fall and had a list of spies on both sides. To safeguard herself and the other agents, Lorraine, a deceased coworker, needs to find the list. Further, In the movie adaptation of the comic book “The Coldest City,”. You can see how the endearing lead actress Charlize Theron rejects the role of James McAvoy and seduces the sexy spy played by Sofia Boutella.

Law Abiding Citizen

2009 / Drama, Crime, Thriller / USA

The prosecutor, who had actually done a deal with the murderers of Clyde Shelton’s wife and child, decided to free them. When Clyde is left alone, he resolves to exact revenge on the careless law enforcement officer by starting to kill himself. And then He is immediately apprehended and imprisoned, yet even then the man persists. The killings would continue even if he is imprisoned, he tells the authorities in an ultimatum. Then Naturally, his remarks are taken as a joke at first, but shortly, deaths actually begin to occur.

Man On Fire

2004 / Drama, Crime, Action / USA, UK

A former CIA agent named John Creasy accepts the position of Pita’s bodyguard in order to build his own life. As it turned out, 24 kids from privileged families were kidnapped in recent days in Mexico City. If John first hardly tolerates a sophisticated girl who is older than her years. He then gradually develops empathy for her. When Creasy spots the kidnappers, he rushes to save the child but is wounded badly in a shooting, and the girl vanishes. John becomes furious and declares that he will deal with anyone responsible for the kidnapping of Pita.

The Transporter

2002 / Crime, Thriller, Action / USA, France

After several years of service in the paratroopers, Frank Martin now makes a career by driving any imported goods. The Cargo would get to its destination quickly and safely if Frank got to work and avoided any unnecessary questions. He disregards his own rules, though, and then opens the bag that was in the car then Despite. The presence of a girl, the famed Chinese gangster’s daughter.

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