The Best Films According To Stephen King Of All Time

The Best Films According To Stephen King Of All Time
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The Autopsy of Jane Doe

2016 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / UK

This bodily horror is comparable to early Cronenberg (ed. note: David Cronenberg is a Canadian independent filmmaker who specializes in the body horror genre, a subgenre of horror that emphasizes the human body). Watch this movie with someone else.

The Blair Witch Project

1999 / Horror, Mystic

I want to start off by saying that this blasted thing looks real and that it also feels real. As a result, the movie is like waking up from the greatest nightmare—when you dream that you are being buried alive—and finding a cat lying on your chest.

Crimson Peak

2015 / Drama, Fantasy, Horror / USA

Attended the premiere of Crimson Peak, the newest film by Guillermo del Toro. Finally, it proved to be a fantastic and solely terrifying film.

Dawn of the Dead

2004 / Thriller, Horror, Action / USA, Canada, Japan

One of the best scenes ever captured for a horror movie opens Zack Snyder’s remake (ed. note: In 2004, filmmaker Zack Snyder directed a remake of the 1978 cult horror film of the same name). Snyder’s victims are, in reality, the same kind of relentless terrorists I picture as moving quickly. Negotiating with them is pointless, despite the fact that it is pointless to dispute with them. In actuality, nothing will frighten them. You’re limited to killing them. Just keep in mind that their bite is more deadly than dying.

Deep Blue Sea

1999 / Thriller, Action / USA

At first sight, this movie about genetically altered sharks might not appear all that exciting. However, at the most unexpected time, a massive shark charged Samuel L. Jackson and tore him in half. “Oh yes!” I yelled out. And not every movie can make me feel this way.

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