The Greatest Favorite Films Of Zakhar Prilepin Of All Time

Favorite Films Of Zakhar Prilepin
The Greatest Favorite Films Of Zakhar Prilepin Of All Time
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Here are The Greatest Favorite Films Of Zakhar Prilepin Of All Time. These classic films to modern-day blockbusters movies have lots of Drama, Crime, and Mystery. Each of these movies offers a unique point of view, history, and people. Any movie fan would love to watch these movies.

Anna Karenina

2012 / Drama, Melodrama / UK

Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel is the subject of a Hollywood remake starring Keira Knightley. By coincidence, Officer Count Vronsky encounters the spouse of a powerful official from St. Petersburg. There is an instant spark of passion between them. If high society rejects their relationship, Anna will have to choose between her family and her new love, which will be a difficult decision.


2003 / Drama, Crime / Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, UK, France, Norway, Italy

Nicole Kidman starred in the cult classic directed by Lars von Trier. Nevertheless, Grace, fleeing from a group of thugs, ends up in the sleepy village of Dogville, which is somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The locals initially treat her with regard and respect and invite her to stay and live there. The girl is raped, humiliated, and chained, and Grace gradually understands that she has fallen into a trap. Dear Dogville, who was once her saviour, is now a threat. Dogville’s residents are beyond cruel, but one day they will pay a price for it.

Angel Heart

1987 / Thriller, Horror, Mystery / USA, Canada, UK

The movie’s events take place in 1995. Private eye Harry Angel, the primary character, is looking into the strange disappearance of musician Johnny Favorite. A certain Louis Cypher, who had in reality signed a contract with Mr. Favorite many years prior, approached him about such a case. In fact, Johnny Favorite returned to the battlefield and wound up in a mental institution, where he later vanished without a trace. Last but not least, Harry Angel’s search is fruitless because no one he sought to contact for information about the musician could be reached.

The Doors

1991 / Musical film, Drama, Biopic

Oliver Stone’s biographical movie details several significant incidents in the life of Jim Morrison, the band’s front man. In particular, the image reveals Morrison’s memories of encounters with dying Native Americans, his arrival in California, his friendship with Pamela Courson, his meeting with Ray Manzarek, with whom he co-founded The Doors, his future wife, and many other events. The movie actually competed in the main competition of the Moscow International Film Festival in 1991 and won the top honor, the “Golden St. George.”


1995 / USA

After spending eight years behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit, Butch Stein, sometimes known as Bullet, is allowed to go. “Bullet” has all he needs to begin a new life, but instead of moving forward, he chooses the wrong path because he believes he has served time in prison. Butch initially robs drug addicts, takes their narcotics, and then uses them. There is a local mafia that follows Butch’s example. Tank, Bullet was actually quite irritable in the past. When the main character must deal with family issues—the older brother went insane in the war, the younger brother paints at home, and the father almost drank himself—he loses interest in life.

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