A List Of The Best Films About The Great Patriotic War

Films about Patriotic war
A List Of The Best Films About The Great Patriotic War
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These stories are the most claimed and powerful films of all time about Patriotic war.  If you start with the Soviet film “Only ‘old men’ go into battle”. We will explore some devastating truths about war and the sacrifices made by the soldiers who fought in the war. Next, we delve into the emotional turmoil of soldiers with the film “And the dawns here are quiet”. We then turn our attention to the complexities of leadership and power with the film “Officers”. It is a true film that teaches us about the responsibility of a leader.

The retrospective continues with the Soviet film “Zhenya, Zhenechka, and Katyusha” which explores the impact of war on the youth. Many people die young in war without experiencing The beauty of life. Lastly, we end on a high note with the Soviet spy film “17 moments of Spring” which depicts the life of a Soviet spy during World War II.” You can’t even watch these films about the Patriotic war without tears.

“Only ‘old men’ go into battle”

Comedy, Drama, War

The resilient singing squadron has long become dear to us. And every time we look forward to the next meeting. To laugh at the good jokes of Captain Titarenko, to see how the Grasshopper heroically fills up the Messer, and, of course, to sing the fervent “Smuglyanka” in chorus. Even in war, with all its hardships, pain, fears, and bitterness of loss, you can find true and devoted friends, meet your first sincere love and learn to truly enjoy every new day. This film has charged with extraordinary optimism, warmth, and faith in the best. That is why we watch it without stopping and quietly smile through the veil of tears.

“And the dawns here are quiet”

Drama, History, War

If you are going to watch Soviet films about the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, you cannot ignore Stanislav Rostotsky’s tape. Her heroines, fragile, mischievous, naive and hopeful girls, could live a long happy life. But the war decreed otherwise. They did not hesitate to volunteer for the front. Now the girls are ready to give battle to the fascist saboteurs, whose forces are many times superior to their small group under the command of foreman Fedot Vaskov. This piercing and insanely touching film, one cannot watch without tears. But it’s impossible not to watch it. No wonder it was nominated for an Oscar, re-shot as a series for Chinese television, and in 2015 its remake was released.


Drama, Romance, War

The fate of two friends – Alexei Trofimov and Ivan Varavva – can be traced over the years. In the 20s, they served together at the border outpost and fought with the Basmachi. There they, being still very young, remembered the order of their commander for the rest of their lives: “There is such a profession – to defend the homeland.” Then Spain, the Great Patriotic War, and peaceful days. Old friends meet again, having already become generals.

Zhenya, Zhenechka, and Katyusha

Comedy, Romance, War

Opposites attract with irresistible force. Even if there is a war all around. Private Zhenya Kolyshkin is an infantile, intelligent, and somewhat shy young man from the Arbat. But the bleak hard front-line everyday life does not frighten him at all. He is energized by his acquaintance with Zhenechka, a signalman from the Katyusha regiment. However, a strict impregnable girl sees in him only an unintelligent boy who does not know life at all. But her attitude will definitely change when, after some time, they meet again in one of the empty houses of the liberated city. One of the most lyrical, touching, and tender love stories that may have destined to happen during the war.

“17 moments of Spring”

Drama, History, War

One of the first domestic series is rightfully included in the golden fund of Soviet films about the Second World War. And although his characters have long migrated to jokes, we still take this story seriously. We remember the winged quotes from it by heart, and we keep the image of the chief intelligence officer, Colonel Maxim Maksimovich Isaev, in our hearts from childhood. A tense plot, the intellectual confrontation between the main characters, captivating newsreel footage, secret pages of the dossier of Nazi bosses – all this together looks organic and captivates better than any detective. There is also a place for lyrics. The scene of the meeting between Stirlitz and his wife to the music of Mikael Tariverdiev always brings tears.

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