Top Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Now

Top Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Now
Top Valentine’s Day Movies You Can Stream Now
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Valentine’s Day is coming and surely you will spend time with your partners. In this quality time, you can watch these loved movies that are filled with romance and make a perfect date with your partner. These movies are documentaries and love stories that are must-watch and can make the day even more beautiful.

500 Days of Summer

2009 / Short film, Documentary

The main character works in an agency that produces greeting cards. He comes up with all those funny captions that you and I read on them. A young man falls in love with his colleague and decides that she is “the one, the only one.” But 500 days of their relationship shows the hero that the path to happiness is unpredictable, uncontrollable, and – incredibly funny!

The Proposal

2009 / Comedy, Romance, Drama

Hilarious comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. Since The main character of the film is a strict boss who is hated and feared by almost all subordinates. So, Faced with the threat of deportation to her native Canada, a determined woman is ready for anything – even for a fictitious marriage with her young assistant, in whom she has never seen an attractive man. But first, he needs to introduce the bride to the family… A great witty option for couples who love to laugh.

The Dreamers

2003 / Drama, Melodrama / France, UK, Italy

Paris, 1968 – student demonstrations, barricades in the streets, the air smells of revolution, but three young people have their own reality, their own world – the world of cinema. Days and nights they watch movies and do not leave the house. This is a great option for viewing alone with an understanding person (but not the fact that you can watch to the end) or alone. But not the best for a first date.

Annie Hall

1977 / Melodrama, Comedy / USA

The protagonist of the film, who works as a comedian, talks about his life and the people around him with humor and irony. Since He skeptically analyzes the failures in his personal life, in which there were several beloved women. On Valentine’s Day, you can watch a story not only about the birth of wonderful feelings but also about their natural extinction.

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