Fall 2019 Anime Series To Watching This Winter

Fall 2019 Anime Series To Watching This Winter
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if you are an anime movie lover then you don’t want to miss this anime series this winter. This series is on the hype now and everyone is loving it because of the genres of the movie and a good story line.

Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia

2019 / Fantasy, Action, Anime

The massive Destiny franchise, which originated from super-popular PC games, continues to grow. And its offshoot Fate/Grand Order (or The Grand Order) is moving inexorably towards a live-action adaptation. The first film will be released in 2020. Specifically, this series is a film adaptation of the seventh chapter of the game Fate / Grand Order. Moreover, Aniplex made this choice based on the results of a fan vote, where the Babylonia quest won by a wide margin. The new anime will be understandable even to those who have never played the game, but before watching it is better to familiarize yourself with the special called “Fate / Grand Order: Babylonia – Journey Begins.”

The heroes of the autumn title travel through time, trying to prevent the death of mankind. As a result, they break through almost five thousand years into the depths of centuries, right up to the Babylonian kingdom, where the legendary Gilgamesh sits on the throne. The kingdom is being attacked by demons, and we can only deal with them together.

Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru

2019 / Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Anime

Not a single season is complete without a series about some kind of “hit”. There is, for example, one where a girl who did not want to stand out gets into an alternative world. As a result, she receives half of the great magical power of the dragon. The anime is called: “Didn’t I ask for my abilities to be averaged in the next life?!” (released October 7). But this story is hilarious – here the hero has everything. He is endowed with weapons, and abilities, and pumped up – be healthy, just be too careful. Not that he’s a coward, no, he just wants to foresee everything. Therefore, when one full-breasted goddess calls him to save the world. The handsome reinsurer does not immediately come to the rescue. Maybe, at least for the sake of his magical mistress, he will take risks.

Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin

2019 / Adventure, Fantasy, Action, Anime

The Seven Deadly Sins franchise dates back to the release of the manga of the same name in 2012. The medieval aesthetics of the legends about the Knights of the Round Table in this story was transformed into an account of swordsmen, each of which bears the name of one of the deadly sins. Rumor has it that these glorious warriors tried to seize power in Britain, but in fact, they are natural adventurers, and in general, funny guys, and not at all the instigators of terror. Their eternal crusade against the demons will continue in the third season, next in line are the battles with the demons from the Ten Commandments clan, as well as the Order of the Holy Knights.

True fans are a little nervous, no matter how much the new series is not inferior to the previous ones. This time it was made by Studio Deen, which has an uneven track record. But the trailer promises that Princess Elizabeth will team up with the Sins in the fight against the dictatorship and try to regain her rightful throne.

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