The Best Anime Of The Autumn Season 2019 Watch Now

The Best Anime Of The Autumn Season 2019 Watch Now
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This autumn anime has a separate fanbase during 2019 and the unique genres of the film like fantasy and science fiction are making it even more interesting. With each passing day, it became popular and now also everybody is loving it even more.

Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector

2019 / Sci-fi, Action, Anime

Production IG has been intriguing for a long time about, the release date of another part of this cyberpunk detective story. After a super-successful two seasons, a pause was taken, and during this time the full-length anime trilogy “Psycho-Pass” managed to be released on the screens. And now the time has come for the third season, which the fans no longer thought to dream of. The world of this title is a high-tech dystopia, where the moral qualities of an individual are evaluated by the soulless, but ingenious Sibyl system. Each citizen has his own “psycho-pass” – a unique personality characteristic.

Unfortunately, the soul and actions of a person do not always fit into the ready-made framework, and therefore the Public Security Bureau often encounters the flaws of the “perfect system”. Interestingly, this series will only have eight episodes, but each one is an hour long. The opening song is Who-ya Extended and its song is Q-visa, and the ending song is Cö Shu Nie with the song bullet. Both musical themes are chic and very suitable for this police action movie.


2019 / Drama, Anime / Japan

The creators of the manga “Outstanding Beasts” clearly inspires by the Disney cartoon “Zootopia”, which also appears in 2016, but six months earlier. Both there and there – anthropomorphic carnivores and herbivores, who began to live side by side, despite the occasional conflicts – remnants of the bestial past. However, Beasts of Excellence has a particularly dark thriller atmosphere, and it is about a brutal murder within the walls of the prestigious Cherryton Academy. One of her students, poor alpaca Tam, verbatims torn to pieces. A viscous cloud of suspicion and sticky fear envelops the tailed CG characters of this anime. And the focus is on the young gray wolf Legoshi, who has not yet figured out what to do with his predatory libido, male complexes, and tender sympathy for a charming and frightened bunny.

Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld

2019 / Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Action, Anime

Recently, the fantasy “Sword Art Online” began to cause conflicting responses: someone says that the franchise has exhausted itself, and someone, on the contrary, just now noticed this story. And yet, the new season of the film adaptation of the popular light novel series Kawahara River still has an extremely high expectation rating. The Alicization arc is one of the longest in the book series, and its story-driven sequel, Underworld War, is on the verge. The series is about the virtual universe Underworld, which is directly related to the secret project “Alicization”.

Superplayer Kirito (he and his girlfriend Asuna are the protagonists of this romantic action game about game worlds) almost dies in reality. You can return him to consciousness by re-immersing him in the mysterious Underworld, where before that he had already managed to live a lifetime and make friends.

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