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Movies about love for a romantic evening
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In recent years, cinema has given us some of the most heartwarming and moving stories that have touched the hearts of audiences all around the world. From the sweeping romance of “The Light Between Oceans” to the tear-jerking love story of “Me Before You”, the 2010s decade has been filled with memorable films that explore the complexities of human emotions. “La La Land” showcases the timeless appeal of the musical genre, while “The Theory of Everything” delves into the fascinating life of one of the greatest minds of our time. “That Means War” brings the perfect blend of action, comedy, and romance to the table, making it a perfect addition to this list of must-see films. Here is the list of movies about love.

“The Light Between Oceans”, 2016

Drama, Romance, Historical

Returning from the war, the lighthouse keeper Tom meets a quivering girl named Isabelle. However, the love born between them restores the devastated Tom’s faith in life. And the newlyweds settle on a secluded island, to the shore of which one day a boat with a newborn girl lands. But the couple decides to raise the baby as their own daughter. They even are not realizing how devastating the consequences of this choice will be. Because the mother does not lose hope of finding her lost child…

“Me Before You”, 2016

Drama, Romance, Adaptation

“Me Before You” is a touching and very emotional film that will make even the most callous viewer laugh and cry. But It’s a sweet story about two people who met at the wrong time in their lives. He is a young man who doesn’t want to live and an accident paralyzes her. She is a spontaneous and very kind girl who got a job as a nurse for him. Moreover, both of them do not know that they will forever change each other’s life.

“La La Land”, 2016

Musical, Romance, Comedy-drama

It was always destined that they would meet. Fate constantly pushes them together even though they deny that anything more can arise between them than banter. They both dream of a career, she wants to become a famous actress, but so far she hears only constant refusals. He is a talented pianist whose main dream is to open his own cafe and play his favorite music. Will two madly in love people be able not to lose these feelings and at the same time realize themselves in a huge city? “La La Land” is the perfect combination of an interesting plot, beautiful shots, and wonderful music. So, you can be sure that you have never seen anything like it.

“The Theory of Everything”, 2014

Biographical, Drama, Romance

Young physics student Stephen Hawking meets future art critic Jane Wilde. Stephen shows great promise, and the professors see him as the future of English cosmology. Fun dates, walks with friends, dancing in the evening lights, and talking about physics and art are a thing of the past. Hawking is given a terrible diagnosis. Lou Gehrig’s disease. But the doctors gave him two years to live, but this does not frighten Jane.

Contrary to the expectations of doctors, the scientist was able to build a family and a career with the help of people close to him. “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” is a story of great love and great discoveries. However, this is a story about how great things can be achieved with great effort and with the support of relatives.

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