Best Valentines Day Movies: Exploring Love and Heartbreak

Best Valentines day Movies
Best Valentines day Movies: Exploring Love and Heartbreak
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Love, heartbreak, and relationships are universal themes that have captivated audiences for centuries. These three films, “Arrhythmia” from 2017, “Surprise Me” from 2012, and “Love in the Big City” from 2009, delve into these themes in different and unique ways. “Arrhythmia” explores the delicate balance between love and mortality, “Surprise Me” delves into the ups and downs of relationships and the importance of keeping the spark alive, and “Love in the Big City” takes us on a journey of love in the bustling cityscape. These films offer a poignant and thought-provoking look at the complexities of human emotions and will leave a lasting impression on all those who watch them. Here is the list of Best Valentines day movies

“That Means War”, 2012

Action, Comedy, Romance

If you are more of a comedy lover, then “So War” is your choice. This film has absorbed all the best: good humor, two charming handsome men, and an interesting plot! Two secret agents, who are also bosom friends, fall in love with the same woman, but neither wants to give in to the other. They decide to set certain rules, deciding not to tell her that they know each other, not to stop each other from conquering her. However, both immediately break these rules by using secret CIA technology to spy on her and each other. Must-see!

“Arrhythmia”, 2017

Drama, Romance

Love is not always easy, and not everyone manages to combine hard work and relationships. “Arrhythmia” is a film that helps to look at life and human relationships from a different angle. This is a leisurely film about the life of a talented ambulance worker without embellishment and medical romance. About the injustice of life and how to keep the only thing for which you want to return home.

“Surprise Me”, 2012

Romance, Comedy

The heroes of the film are two young modern people Roman Zubov and Bagheera. He, a major of the special department of the MUR, is looking for a criminal who, by blackmail and deceit, extorts large sums of money from rich people. She is his favorite girl and … the very criminal he is trying to find. During the investigation, Zubov learns that the criminal does not spend all the money on himself and his own benefit, but gives it to those who really need this money: migrants, a single mother who is trying to save her child and find money for an expensive operation. And this strange behavior is not the only way Bagheera will surprise Roman in this “game”. Will he be able to surprise her and help her in return?

“Love In The Big City”, 2009

Romance, Drama

The film takes place in one of the most romantic cities in the world – New York. Three friends Artem, Igor and Ole, nicknamed Sauna, work in a foreign land, and in their free time they break away “like adults”: they go to the sauna, to strip bars, twist short and non-committal novels. But one day, chance interferes in their carefree life… At the next party in one of the clubs, a strange-looking man raises his glass and makes a toast. In a very short time, all three will discover the most unpleasant change – they can no longer have sex, and only one remedy will save them – love.

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