Celebrating Living Legends: A Film Collection

Celebrating living Legends
Celebrating living Legends: A Film Collection
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These films explore the lives and works of some of the most beloved writers, artists, and cultural figures of our time. “Goodbye Christopher Robin” from 2017 is a touching look at the life of Winnie-the-Pooh creator A.A. Milne and his family. “Sex, Fashion & Disco” from 2017 is a hilarious and entertaining tribute to legendary fashion icon and writer Diana Vreeland. “Being Astrid Lindgren” from 2018 is a biographical drama that explores the life and career of the beloved Swedish author of children’s books, including Pippi Long stocking.

“Happy Prince” from 2018 is a heartwarming tale of the last days of Oscar Wilde, one of the greatest playwrights in the English language. “Summer” from 2018 is a powerful exploration of the life and work of one of Russia’s greatest writers, summer Anton Chekhov. These films offer a glimpse into the lives and works of some of the most talented and influential people of our time and are sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who watch them. Here is the list of Celebrating Living Legends: A Film Collection

Goodbye Christopher Robin. UK, 2017

Biographical, Drama

The film tells the story of the relationship between the writer, and author of “Winnie the Pooh” Alan Milne, and his son Christopher Robin. Long walks in the woods with his son, during which they invent stories about a teddy bear, help Alan cope with traumatic memories because he is a war veteran. So a whole book about Winnie the Pooh and his friends grew out of forest walks. And she was destined to become incredibly successful. but At the same time, fame comes to little Christopher Robin. However, the boy does not want fame at all, because his only desire is to communicate more with his dad.

“Sex Fashion Disco”. USA. 2017

Drama, Music

The documentary is the life story of one of the most famous illustrators of the 1970s, Antonio Lopez and He has worked for various fashion magazines. but The original look at things brought him incredible popularity in Paris and New York and was The best film about an artist whose past is full of secrets and mysteries that still excite his fans to this day.

“Being Astrid Lindgren”. Sweden, Denmark, 2018

Biographical, Drama

Biographical film-drama, a film about the difficult youth of the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. Children’s favorites, creators of Pippi Long stocking, Carlson who lives on the roof, Emil from Lenneberg, and many other characters. but In this film, the writer appears in an unusual way. Instead of an elderly Scandinavian storyteller, the viewer meets a confused young girl. She is just starting her life journey. “Happy Prince” UK, Germany, 2018

“Happy Prince” UK, Germany, 2018

Drama, Romance

Film history of the last days of Oscar Wilde. On his deathbed, the great writer, with his characteristic irony, recalls his difficult life and then The main role in the film was played by Rupert Everett, who once also played in the film adaptation of Wilde’s play The Importance of Being Earnest.

“Summer”. Russia, 2018

Drama, Romance

The biographical film – the history of Russian rock and rock musicians – tells about the very beginning of the creative path of Viktor Tsoi and the Kino group, about his relationship with Mike Naumenko, his wife Natalya, and many who were at the forefront of the 1981 Leningrad rock movement. But This is a story about Leningrad in the 80s, about love, searches, and great hopes. True, this film about rock musicians received an ambiguous assessment of direct witnesses and participants in the history of more than thirty years ago. But, probably, the younger generation will appreciate it and watch this lively, dynamic film with interest.

The spirit of that already distant era is very well conveyed in it and The masterpieces of cinema, created in different genres, directions, and styles, have one thing in common – people who are in love with their vocation, immersed in cinema art without a trace worked on them. And we, the audience, thanks to this we get a lot of vivid impressions and rich food for thought. Pleasant and amazing discoveries on the screen!

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