5 Best Movies Of 2019

best movies of 2019
5 best movies of 2019
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Get ready for a journey through various themes and genres with this collection of critically acclaimed films. “Green Book” takes you on a road trip through the Deep South, exploring themes of race and friendship. “The Favorite” brings a touch of royal drama to the mix, as a court in the early 18th century is torn apart by political maneuvering. “Factory” explores the complex relationship between a father and daughter, delving into themes of family, love and sacrifice. “Capernaum” transports you to the slums of Beirut, where a young boy must navigate the difficulties of childhood in a world of poverty and injustice. Finally, “Parasite” explores class struggles in modern-day South Korea, with a twist of dark comedy. These films offer a diverse range of stories and perspectives, guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here is the list of Best movies of 2019

“Green Book”

Drama, Comedy

movie green book posterLet’s start with the film, which loudly declared itself at the beginning of the year, but is still being discussed. No wonder, because “Green Book” became the winner of three Oscars at once and received figurines in the nominations “Best Original Screenplay”, “Best Supporting Actor”, and also took the main award – “Best Film”. If for some reason you still haven’t watched this masterpiece, then it’s time to fix it!

What is the movie about? A sophisticated socialite, a wealthy and talented musician hires a man who is least suited for the job as a driver and bodyguard. Chatterbox Tony is a bouncer who can’t keep his mouth shut or use cutlery, but he’s good with his fists. But This tour will forever change the lives of both.

“The Favourite”

Historical drama, Dark comedy

The second film that I would like to mention is The Favorite. He was nominated for ten Oscar nominations at once, but in the end he took the statuette for Best Actress. By the way, this film is worth watching at least for the amazing acting trio in the person of Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz. And also for the magnificent costumes, scenery thought out to the smallest detail and the atmosphere of historical drama and intrigue. 

What is the movie about? Early 18th century. There is a war between England and France. However, life in the kingdom goes on. The sickly Queen Anne occupies the throne, and her close friend Lady Sarah Marlborough is actually in charge of the country. When the girl Abigail, a relative of Lady Sarah, appears in the palace, she first assigns her to work in the kitchen. But soon the newcomer successfully finds a cure for the gout-sick queen, then Sarah decides to make her her servant. For Abigail, this is a chance to return to her aristocratic roots, and it is better not to get in her way. But It is one of the best movies of 2019.


Thriller, Crime

Yuri Bykov is famous for his acute social dramas, which frighten with their realism. The film “The Plant” was no exception, so if you like the director’s work and paintings at the junction of author’s and mass cinema, then be sure to watch it!

What is the movie about? Right in the middle of the day, local oligarch Kalugin was kidnapped from his car. Unidentified men in balaclavas demanded a large ransom for him. Six months without pay and the impending bankruptcy of the plant pushed the local workers to a desperate step. To pull out their master, the “specialists” will stop at nothing. But unlike them, the “hard workers” have nothing to lose…


Drama, Social realism

According to critics, Capernaum is one of the best dramas of this winter and The film won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, despite the fact that all the actors in it are not professionals. According to the director, each of them embodied a piece of his biography in this picture. 

What is the movie about? 12-year-old Zane cannot accurately answer the question of how many brothers and sisters he has, but he is sure that there should have been fewer children in his family. Despite his young age, Zane works illegally, looks after the younger ones, helps the older ones, and looks for money and documents to emigrate to Sweden. He looks at the world with undisguised hatred, because he is forced to eat anything, sleep anywhere and, most importantly, he has just received a five-year sentence. In prison, Zane sues his parents. For giving him life.


Black comedy, Thriller, Drama

The real discovery of this year is the South Korean film Parasite. But The picture is unbanal in almost everything – the plot is surprising, the humor is atypical, and after watching you definitely won’t have the feeling “I think I’ve seen this somewhere before.” 

What is the movie about? An ordinary Korean family does not indulge in life. You have to live in a damp, dirty basement, steal the Internet from your neighbors and get by with odd jobs. One day, the son unexpectedly gets a job as a tutor for a high school student in a wealthy Park family. Having forged a diploma of higher education, the guy goes to a chic designer mansion and makes a good impression on the mistress of the house. Immediately, an unusual plan for the employment of his sister comes to his mind.

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