Celebrated Stories: A Collection of best Classics movies

best Classics movies
Celebrated Stories: A Collection of best Classics movies
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This collection of films brings together some of the most beloved and celebrated stories to have graced the silver screen. From timeless tales of adventure, romance, and drama to modern masterpieces that have captured the hearts and minds of audiences around the world, each of these films is sure to transport you to another time and place, captivating you with its unique and powerful narrative. So whether you’re a fan of classic cinema or simply in the mood for a great story, “Celebrated Stories: A Collection of best Classics movies” is the perfect choice for a movie night in.

“Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood”

Drama, Comedy

When choosing the best films of this year, our editors could not pass by another masterpiece from Quentin Tarantino. The picture was greeted ambiguously – many argue that the film is weak and does not live up to the previous ones. But if you are not too lazy and read the real story of the murder of Sharon Tate, then definitely look at this movie and its ending from a different angle. 

What is the movie about? 1969, the golden age of Hollywood is already over. Renowned actor Rick Dalton and his stunt double Cliff Booth are trying to find their place in the rapidly changing world of the film industry.

“The Lion King”

Adventure, Drama, Musical

When a childhood cartoon is released on the big screens, and your favorite characters come to life before your eyes, the film must definitely enter the list of the best. If you have not seen this picture, then be sure to look, atleast to form your own opinion. Well, to sing “Hakuna Matata” again with Timon and Pumbaa.

What is the movie about? The story of a brave lion cub named Simba. but Heroes familiar from childhood grow up, fall in love, get to know themselves and the world around them, make mistakes and make the right choice. but It is one of the best classics movies.

“Pain and Glory”

Drama, Romance

The film is from the main Spanish director of our time – Pedro Almodovar, who skillfully knows how to combine melodrama with a bright comedy. but Without Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas the new masterpiece also could not do. As always, the picture turned out to be emotional, bright, sensual and very beautiful. 

What is the movie about? A talented film director at the end of his creative career looks back into the past, and a flood of vivid memories falls upon him. Tender feelings for the mother, love and parting, the search for happiness and success. All this leads the creator to important reflections on life and art – pain and glory.


Crime, Drama

Film critics are already predicting this film will win an Oscar in 2020. but With a star-studded cast, living legend Martin Scorsese’s collaboration with Netflix, the world’s premier streaming service, it’s no surprise that The Irishman has become this year’s most anticipated film long before its release.

What is the movie about? At the nursing home, a heavily elderly man named Frank Sheeran reminisces about his life. finally In the 1950s, he worked as a simple truck driver did not want to be a gangster at all and thought that painters were the ones who painted houses when he accidentally met crime boss Russell Bufalino. but He took the guy under his wing, began to give him small assignments, and now Frank, nicknamed the Irishman, himself works as a “painter”, a mafia killer. 


Crime, Drama, Thriller

If you are waiting for the canonical villain, confrontation with Batman, or think that no one can play better than Heath Ledger Joker, then watch this film anyway! You will not see any of the above, but you will find an unsurpassed performance by Joaquin Phoenix, a director’s interpretation of the story of one of the main antagonists of the DC Universe and a topical drama about the human attitude towards people with mental disorders. 

What is the movie about? Gotham, early 1980s and Comedian Arthur Fleck lives with his ailing mother, who teaches him from childhood to “walk with a smile and ” Trying to bring good things to the world and give people joy, Arthur is faced with human cruelty and gradually comes to the conclusion that this world will receive from him not a kind smile, but the smirk of the villain Joker.

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